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3 Essential Tests To Conduct Before Starting An Exercise Regime

You’ve made a decision to start living a healthier life and to begin taking better care of yourself. Naturally, this means you have to start exercising regularly. If this is something you haven’t done before, it’s easy to think you can just jump straight into things. As eager as you might be, you need to […]

Everyday Activities That Lead To Chronic Pain

Back pain is never fun. But chronic back pain can eat away at your mental health, especially when painkiller medication isn’t effective anymore. Many people who experience recurring back pain have developed coping mechanisms such as making an appointment for physiotherapy and staying away from potentially harmful activities.  Unfortunately, when you’re doing everything to prevent […]

The Antidote For Chronic Pains And Aches

Once you experience a headache, neck pain or even back pain, you would generally go to the pharmacist for over the counter pain medication such as ibuprofen, aspirin or paracetamol. While in most cases, these types of painkillers will help reduce and numb the pain until it eventually goes away. However, sometimes, the pain doesn’t […]

Are You Just Nervous, Or Do You Have Anxiety?

When it comes to your mental health, you need to know how to spot the key signs that you suffer from a problem. Anxiety is one of the most common mental health disorders out there, and it can exist on its own or alongside depression. People who suffer from anxiety disorder will find that life […]

Pain In Your Hips? 3 Possible Causes Of Chronic Pelvic Pain

Pain around your hips and pelvic region is incredibly common, particularly for women. If you experience constant pain in this area, there could be any number of issues presenting themselves. Nevertheless, if chronic pain is what you keep experiencing, the chances are you’re looking one of these three issues as the source of the pain: […]

Best Place To Sell Second Hand Clothes Online In Australia

To sell Second Hand Clothes Online is not one of my side hustles. However I’ve become more experienced in this area over the last two years from selling items from my own wardrobe. As an impulsive buyer and someone who could be careless with money, I’ve got way too many clothes and shoes. The thing […]

What you can’t claim as working from home tax deductions

Since Covid hit, more and more employees started to work from home. As a result, working from home tax deductions have become hot topics. It’s widely broadcasted that ATO’s introduced the 80cents per hour shortcut method to claim your working from home running costs. However there’s a catch to the 80 cents short cut method. […]

Government Super Co Contribution – Are you eligible and how to get it?

The Government Super co contribution applies to personal contributions made by low-income earners from 1 July 2003 onwards. Back then it was $1,000 co contribution for $1,000 eligible contributions. Just so you know, back then I wasn’t even slightly interested in it because my employment income was high. As mentioned in the previous post about […]

8 Good Side Hustles I’ve Had To Make Money Fast

There are a lot articles offering generic side hustle ideas but how many good side hustles out there that might help you to make money real fast? We certainly don’t just want to hustle for nothing or very little reward for the work we do. A lot people suggest doing online survey for extra income […]

Personal Super Contributions: How To Save Tax And Build Wealth

Are you making any personal Super contributions into your Super fund? If not, you need to seriously consider it. I never wanted to make any personal Super contributions until later in life after becoming a tax consultant. It’s never late than ever. I finally learned how important it is to have Superannuation strategies to save […]

2021 Australian Federal Budget Summary

Australian Federal Budget 2021   The Treasurer, Josh Frydenberg, delivered the Federal Budget for 2021 tonight (11th May). It’s good to know the update of the key tax and superannuation measures for individual tax, business tax and superannuation.  Individual tax Low Income Offsets LMITO retained for 2021-22   The low and middle income tax offset (LMITO) will […]

Taming Your Unruly Hair

There’s nothing to say that extra curly and wavy hair can’t be beautiful. In fact, we know that to be true. However, some people simply don’t want to invest all the time necessary to keep unruly hair looking kept together. To that end, here we’re going to look at the steps you can take to […]

Are you required to lodge an Australian tax return?

Australia taxation can be quite complicated. Very often, clients ask me: do I need to lodge a tax return at all? Their situations are different. Sometimes, it’s a pensioner who doesn’t any income other then their pension.  It could be someone who’s under 18 years old, only works part time earning a few thousands a […]