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Egypt Travel Diary – Karnak Temple

Gigantic Obelisks, rows of statues and impressive Egyptian pillars. On another bright sunny day, I walked into the breathtaking Karnak temple complex. This is believed to be the second most visited Egyptian sites right after Giza Pyramids. The complex comprises a vast mix of decayed temples, chapels, pylons, and other buildings near Luxor, in Egypt. Construction at the complex […]

6 Must Do Activities While in the Kimberley

Are you a tourist exploring the rich sights of Australia and found yourself at a loss as to what to visit first in the Kimberley? Or perhaps you’re a native looking to indulge in some domestic tourism, and you’re itching to see what the best Kimberley tours can offer you in terms of exciting stuff […]

Egypt Photo Dairy – The Temple of Edfu

After visiting Kom Ombo temple, we sailed to Edfu and toured the temple of Edfu, also know as the temple of Horus. It is the largest temple dedicated to Horus. If you’ve heard the tales related the age old conflict between Horus and Seth, you’ll be delighted to see the original scenes and inscriptions kept […]

Early Retirement: Out of Touch Dream or Achievable Goal?

As life expectancy around the globe increases, so does the average age of retirement. In countries like Australia, the US, and the UK, the average age of retirement is 62, based on the findings of Aperion Care. For many, this age can be too steep or too late. The concept of early retirement is something that is […]

Egypt Photo Diary – Kom Ombo Temple

I’m slacking off and not updating my Egypt travel photos on the blog as quickly as I wished for, but it’s better late than never right? After visiting the amazing Abu Simbel, my driver took me back to the cruise. Oh how I enjoyed my spacious, comfortable cabin and all the luxury the cruise had […]

The World’s Best Road Trips

There’s no better way to experience the freedom of travel than to go on a road trip, at home or away. Whether you’re at home or abroad, motorhome hire is becoming a more and more popular way to travel on the basis it allows for a sense of freedom and home comfort, wherever you are […]

Ways To Appreciate Your Life

Life is a huge rollercoaster of good things, bad things and ugly things. We have so many experiences throughout our lives which shape who we are and allow us to be the best we can be, and our lives are often something we really neglect and don’t appreciate enough. This month, you should start to […]

Is It Ever Too Early to Think About Retirement?

Growing old is probably not something you want to focus on right now. It’s probably something that you actually dread thinking about due to how much stress it could cause. Retirement planning is, after all, thinking quite far into the future (at least for most of us) and the majority of the population struggles enough […]

Fitness & Health As A Means To Body Confidence

Body confidence is essential to build in ourselves. It helps us gain the clearest mental functionality from day to day, as we become much less distracted by insecurity. It’s also important to consider that body confidence is also body comfort. This isn’t all led by perception. In order to feel comfortable in our bodies and […]

Find Inspiration On This Epic Cascadian Adventure

America and Canada provide everything a road tripper needs for an amazing travel experience. From wide-open plains, towering forests, and breath-taking mountain ranges, both countries offer incredible itineraries, but to fully appreciate their similarities and contrasts, why not combine both? The best way to experience this is by taking a trip through Western Canada, and up to the […]