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The Perfect Non-Toxic or Natural Beauty Routine

Natural beauty. Organic. Vegan. Eco-Friendly. These aren’t buzzwords in the beauty industry, they are musts. Finding a better way to upgrade beauty from testing on animals and keep the people who love makeup and skincare feeling good about it. It is almost unfathomable when we think about only a few hundreds of years ago, ladies […]

How to Travel Lighter

When we go on vacation we tend to take a lot more luggage with us than we really need to. This is something that could become a bit of an issue at the airport when they weigh your luggage. However, you can travel lighter and still have everything you need while you’re on vacation. So […]

Happy Year of Pig

I usually like Mondays because it’s another new beginning and there’s so much to look forward to. Today it’s even more special. It’s the Chinese New Year’s Eve when traditionally we’d have a great feast to celebrate. Tomorrow will be the first day of the year of Pig and pig is the luckiest out of […]

4 Ways to Stay Better Hydrated

People are strange. They can spend a not insignificant period making sure they’re eating well, or exercising, or otherwise trying to be healthy, and yet ignore one of the most important aspects: making sure that their body has enough water to keep them going. Perhaps because it’s not that exciting (how good is food, by […]

Confidence Comes With Age

Ageing: Why do we spend so much time fearing it and not enough time enjoying the benefits it brings with us? Sure our bodies change, but so does our mind, confidence and outlook on life. It’s a hard one to call but for a lot of us we’d probably just about take our older bodies […]

Taking Care of Your Holistic Wellbeing This New Year

When it comes to the New Year, so many people are focused on diets and getting expensive gym memberships which they’ll use for a few weeks but then quit by the end of the month.  In many ways, whilst the New Year fitness craze can feel inspiring, it can also feel quite sad, as so […]

What’s For Breakfast?

People really know me often say I eat like a horse (or pig). Well I’m not ashamed of it because I can’t really help that my appetite for food is huge. Maybe the saying “crazy hungry asians” is true. I’m for sure one of those. Getting really hungry in the morning and having no idea […]

Happy 2019

Happy new year everyone! It’s the 3rd of January in Australia and I’m finally ready to admit we are in 2019 now. Like it or not, time marches on relentlessly. I was a bit down about 2018 and was not ready for another new year. I felt I underachieved and haven’t been happy with my […]

Where’s Your Career Going This Year?

Your career should be full of exciting and risky prospects, to make sure you’re always getting the most out of the job you’ve dedicated yourself to for a long time now. And of course, seeing as we’re in a fresh year, there’s a lot of time to make sure your career is going in the […]