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Egyptian Museum

There are many Egypt ancient antiques in the British Museum, the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York and the Kunsthistorisches Museum in Vienna. But it was a really a different experience to see all these historical treasures in the country where they were originated. I was finally able to visit Egyptian Museum in Cario […]

Egypt Travel Photos – Coptic Cairo

Coptic Cairo is a part of old Cairo that comprises many ancient coptic churches, historical sites and a Jewish Synagogue. This part of Cairo is definitely cleaner and more pleasant to look at. The Convent of Saint George Saints Sergius and Bacchus Church (Abu Serga) Abu Sarga is the oldest church in Egypt dating back […]

Egypt Travel Photos: Mosque of Muhammad Ali

There are many distinguished mosques along the way during my middle east trip. To me, the Mosque of Muhammad Ali has the most WOW factor. No matter which direction you are from approaching the Cairo city, The great Mosque of Muhammad Ali is one of the first landmarks to be seen. One of the downside […]

What Does It Take To “Fix Our Health”?

It’s something we may notice as we get older, that we have certain ailments we might think are too late to fix. Or once we’ve entered a new decade of our lives that we’ve got to watch what we eat a little bit more and this may fix a lot of problems. But if you […]

Egypt Travel Photos – Luxor Temple

Luxor Temple was the last stop of my Nile Cruise tour. Now I understand why older people lover travelling by cruise. It’s the comfort, the convenience and the glorious food served on the cruise ship. Maybe I’m officially old, running around all day and everyday in heat made me long for my cabin so much. […]

Preparations For Travels That Often Go Ignored

There are many people out there that are just born with the travel bug. While some people love the comforts of home, others like to get out there and see the world in its most natural form. When it comes to travel, though, many people often forget some rather important things that can make the […]

3 Famous Cocktails And Their History

Athole Brose You know a cocktail is good when legend says it was used to win a war. The Athole Brose is a drink with a truly remarkable history. Before revealing what is featured in this delicious drink, let’s discover a bit more about the fascinating story behind the cocktail.  According to Scottish legend, the […]

Why You Should Be Paying More Attention to Your Gut’s Health and How to Do So

Gut health is something everyone needs to pay more attention to. “There’s a lot of focus on gut health,” explained nutritionist Jacqueline Alwill, “The gut is the seat of our health and is responsible for our overall health and wellbeing.” So what exactly is gut health? Gut health, explained According to nutritionist Rebecca Reynolds, “in your large intestine, you have trillions of bugs (or microbiotia), […]

Reasons to Consider Refreshing Your Look

For a lot of people, they find their style somewhere in their teens or their twenties, and then they stick with this style until retirement age hits and they are expected to trade in their younger garments for something that’s a little more ‘age-appropriate’. However, failing to update your look and style for this long […]

Nine Things To Expect As You Age

No matter how good Helen Mirren looks right now, it’s all smoke and mirrors. Older actresses and celebrities always look fantastic when they’re swanning up the red carpet, but they will have gone through the same changes in age as every other regular Juliet on the street.  Aging hits all of us if we are […]

Planning The Ultimate European Campervan Trip

Image via Pexels – CC0 Licence If you dream of freedom and unrestricted, freewheeling travel, then you’ll probably have considered a campervan or a motorhome holiday before. When there are so many incredible road trips to be taken in the world, it’s not hard to see the appeal of a break in multiple locations, exploring […]

10 Healthy Snack Ideas Perfect For Weekends

The weekend rolls around and it’s like all our self control flies out of the window. A little switch flicks on in our heads that tells us its the weekend, and boom! The healthy mindset we had adopted Mon-Fri disappears. It can be frustrating when your resolve was strong only to completely deteriorate at the […]

3 Awesome Trip Of A Lifetime Hotspots

Every year, you may partake in an annual vacation. A couple of weeks sipping sangria, catching some rays and relaxing by the pool is just what the doctor ordered when you have an overbearing boss, a stressful job and no time to think. However, sometimes we want something a little more meaningful when we take […]

5 Unusual Things To See In Dunedin, New Zealand

Part of the South Island of New Zealand, Dunedin is situated right on the coast, almost comprising a little peninsula of its own. It’s about 225 miles south of Christchurch, and is best known as being home to the University of Otago and its large student population. However, Dunedin is also a frequent stop for […]