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Why Your Mindset Matters

When you’re trying to be healthy, it’s natural that you’re going to work on a range of different things. You’re going to want to make sure that your body is strong, that your diet is nutritious, and that you’re just feeling good in general. But sometimes, this can be tough. And you won’t always feel […]

Climb Petra Monastery From The Secret Entrance

I nearly didn’t make it to see Petra Monastery on top of the mountains. Temperature in Elate Israel on the day I left was 43 degrees and the climb to Petra Monastery requires at least 6 hours to and from the main entrance of Petra tourist centre. It certainly wasn’t an easy walk in the […]

Little India Singapore & A Few Best Places To Eat Street Food

There’s a world of difference between Little India Singapore and Marina Bay Sands area. One is an ethnic suburb with a reputation of being slightly dangerous. The other, needless to say has the most prestigious real estate in Singapore. Both areas are interesting and equality worth going even if you are just staying in Singapore […]

Disposing Of Your Old Computer The Green Way

When your computer comes to the end of its life, whether it has broken or you simply fancy an upgrade, it is important to dispose of it in a manner that does not cause significant damage to the environment. Unfortunately, electronic waste is a problem that is getting worse, and, therefore, by simply disposing of […]

The World’s Best Road Trips

There’s no better way to experience the freedom of travel than to go on a road trip, at home or away. Whether you’re at home or abroad, motorhome hire is becoming a more and more popular way to travel on the basis it allows for a sense of freedom and home comfort, wherever you are […]

Visit Petra: Highlights And Tiny Letdowns

It wasn’t a short journey to visit Petra travelling all the way from Australia. Ever since I saw a picture of the Treasury at Petra, my desire of seeing it in person started to grow stronger and stronger. That dream trip of mine finally came to fruition this year after years of fantasising and a lot […]

Are People With Health Insurance Healthier?

When we think of health insurance and the benefits it provides, we tend to think about instances of medical emergencies. Most people purchase this product looking for peace of mind and the reduction of risk, both in regards to their health and their finances. They know that no matter what occurs they are going to […]

Spending Christmas Away from Home

Christmas tends to be a time of year that we strongly associate with home. It’s when we spend more time within our homes and visiting our nearest and dearest in their homes. But you don’t necessarily have to always spend every year seated around the dinner table eating sprouts and gravy. This is just as […]