Want To Live A Healthy Life? Cut Out These Bad Habits.

We all want to live healthily; there’s no point living if you aren’t living right really. But, there are loads of bad habits which will stop us from being healthy. I’ve picked out three of the worst habits that needed to be cut out right now.


Consuming Too Much Alcohol

It will come as no surprise that consuming too much alcohol is on this list. It’s one of the worst habits out there and can lead to many health problems. Alcohol can damage your liver, especially if you drink it on a regular basis. Also, it can raise your blood pressure and lead to an increased risk of heart disease. If you drink alcohol all the time, you run the risk of becoming addicted. This isn’t good for your health. You don’t want to end up addicted to alcohol; it can ruin your life. To put it simply, drinking lots of alcohol will not mean you’re living a healthy life. To keep your lifestyle healthy, either cut it out completely or cut down a bit. Look at the labels on bottles of alcohol, they usually tell you the recommended amount to drink. Take a look at that number, and then drink less than it. Lucky for me, I have the other side of drinking problem – consuming anything more than 2 glasses would make me drunk already!


Smoking Cigarettes

I think that my next point follows on nicely from consuming too much alcohol. Yes, smoking cigarettes is a very bad habit to have. There is nothing good that comes from smoking, absolutely nothing. Some people claim it’s relaxing, but there are so many other things you can do to relax. Read a book, go for a run! What makes smoking so bad is that it has a constant and direct effect on your lungs. You can get many lung diseases from smoking, including lung cancer. At the other end of the spectrum, even something simple like asthma can be an issue for your health. If you get asthma from smoking, it will be a problem. Asthma will make it harder for you to work out for long periods of time. You’ll be out of breath quickly when exercising for a short time. Smoking will make you unfit and is an unhealthy habit to have. Quit the habit before you get addicted! Lucky for me again, I wasn’t hip enough to smoke at school and never really pick up the habit of smoking. But I’m so guilty about the next bad habit!


Eating Too Much Fast Food

Fast food is all around us; there’s no escaping it. We get lured in by the promise of a quick meal for very little money. When we’re sat at home on a Friday evening, it makes sense to order some fast food. You don’t want to cook, but you do want to eat. Plus, a pizza tastes so good, right? Well, while some people may love fast food, you can’t deny it’s bad for you. It’s called fast food because they put no effort into making sure it’s healthy. You’ll find burgers and pizza high in calories and full of fat and salt. Too much of those three things will make us very unhealthy. Well, I have a confession to make, I eat 3-5 times take away/fast food a week. “Cut down on the takeaways if you want to live a healthy life.” Easy said then done. But if we want to live a healthy life, is there any other choice?

Now back to you.

What are the bad habits that you think we need to cut out in order to liver a healthy life?

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