Mount Wilson, Red Leaves & Red Dress


Mount Wilson (1 of 1)-3
mount wilson red dress
Mount Wilson (1 of 1)
Mount Wilson (1 of 1)-5
Mount Wilson (1 of 1)-4

Mount Wilson (1 of 2)
Mount Wilson (2 of 2)
Mount Wilson (1 of 1)-2
Mount Wilson (1 of 1)-6

Bought this Summer, this is my first ever red dress. Apart from dressing up for to have some photos taken, I don’t see any other occasions it could be had. I was buying it regardless. To me, it was like fulfilling childhood dreams – to dance freely in a large circle skirt, in a far far away land.

Well Australia is quite far away from any other continent and Mt Wilson is about 100km west from Sydney – not particularly close either. I was too intimidated to wear anything red when I was young. Grey and brown coloured outfits were my wardrobe staples. But now? I don’t care that much. You see, age is a good thing. It gives you confidence. It makes you do whatever pleases you.



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