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One of the reasons I love my job is that we get to explore different locations with different perspectives. Though I’m a Sydney sider and have been to Sydney Little Bay a few times, one particular job led us to revisit this place for some fresh shooting ideas.

Starting from last year, I made the effort to remember having a few outfits photos taken while scouting locations. As always, we left in a rush so I just had my favorite Ray Ban sunglasses on and quickly grabbed a straw hat on the way out.

Needless to say, I’m a designer handbag addict. This is the first time I bought a cheaper clutch online. It looked good online and the feature of a detachable golden chain to convert the clutch to a hand-free sling bag convinced me it’d be a good buy. I was pretty happy to take it out the first time and have some photo taken with it. The thing is, that golden chain kept coming off the hock that is supposed to attach it to the clutch.

So after a few minutes, there I was, holding on my clutch with the chain dangling in one hand, my sandals in the other, camera bag on my shoulder, climbing the stairs up from the beach.  Looks a bit untidy, but such is reality right?

Ladies, trust me, expensive handbags are so worth it!


Photos: Candidtown Photography

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