living in rv

To sell Second Hand Clothes Online is not one of my side hustles. However I’ve become more experienced in this area over the last two years from selling items from my own wardrobe. As an impulsive buyer and someone who could be careless with money, I’ve got way too many clothes and shoes. The thing […]

What you can't claim as working from home tax deductions

Since Covid hit, more and more employees started to work from home. As a result, working from home tax deductions have become hot topics. It’s widely broadcasted that ATO’s introduced the 80cents per hour shortcut method to claim your working from home running costs. However there’s a catch to the 80 cents short cut method. […]

“What else I can claim as investment property tax deductions?” I hear this question all the time. The end of financial year is upon us. In a few weeks time, you can pull out all your records and prepare your tax return again. Hopefully you’ll get a tax refund, because I’m yet to meet someone […]

Government Super Co Contribution

The Government Super co contribution applies to personal contributions made by low-income earners from 1 July 2003 onwards. Back then it was $1,000 co contribution for $1,000 eligible contributions. Just so you know, back then I wasn’t even slightly interested in it because my employment income was high. As mentioned in the previous post about […]

weight lifting

When we consider breaking into weight lifting, most of us look at the physical benefits without really considering anything else. After all, muscle tone and strength gain are the most notable results on the table and, without them, we probably wouldn’t even think about breaching the weight section in the gym. It’s certainly for these […]

There are a lot articles offering generic side hustle ideas but how many good side hustles out there that might help you to make money real fast? We certainly don’t just want to hustle for nothing or very little reward for the work we do. A lot people suggest doing online survey for extra income […]