Weekly Motivation: Maintain A Good Body Posture

maintain good body posture

maintain good body posture

When I was little, my mum used to follow & watch me when I walked on the street.

Later she would tell me: Remember to keep your head up, just like there’s someone pulling your hair up.

As a little kid, I was a sloucher. And mum helped in the best way she could.

Fast forward anther 10 years, I went to the Uni and lived in the dorm with some beautiful, elegant girls. I picked up quickly the way they walk and got rid of my accent.

I looked like someone who was sure of herself and carried her body nicely whenever she walks.

That helped. It was always fairly easy for me to be hired after a job interview ( though by then I left China for Sydney and spoke broken English with a heavy accent).

After a few years of starting my own business and mainly working from home, I found myself slightly reverting back to the childhood version of me: A sloucher again! Not all the time but most of the time.

So here’s the thing I need to keep reminding myself: Maintain good body posture for the rest of my life.

Heads up, shoulders back, confident smile and direct gaze.

Don’t ever let yourself go again.


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