Weekly Motivation: Order! I Must Have Order


Sydney had heavy rains and hail storm for a week.

Instead of going out at night & on the weekend, I stayed at home tidying up.

Slowly our home comes in order and I couldn’t be happier.

You see, I’m still slowly adjusting to my life of working from home and being married ( sharing a home with someone permanently & looking after each other)

A late bloomer  & slow learner for sure but I’m on my way to be more disciplined and organised.

Those are the areas that I’ve cleaned up and intend to maintain them in good order.


1. Bathroom

  • Skin care, makeup products: Use up existing ones before buying new ones. Keep everything clean & in order.
  • Bathtub: Use it as bathtub, not storage facility. Have bath at least 3 times a month.

2. Kitchen

  • Fridge: Cook more at home using what we have in the fridge. It’s not a cold rubbish bin!
  • Pantry: Keep things in different section by categories. Throw away expired & unopened items.

3. Home office

  • Desk: After 3 years of trying to ‘keep a clean desk’. My desk finally doesn’t look it has been bombed any more. It’s even reasonably tidy. Remember to tidy up desk every night.
  • Filing: Have been filing on time but need to keep up with bookkeeping.

4. Wardrobe

I’m very good at giving my clothes away or donate. Need to remember though:

  • Buy less. I’ve given away or donated many pieces brand new. Why buy them if you are never going to wear them?
  • Put clothes either in the laundry basket or where they were after wearing them. Save lots of time looking everywhere when you need them!
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