Pattaya Photo Diary


Having seen so many Buddhas in Thailand, it wasn’t exactly my plan to see the Big Buddha in Pattya but we kind of bumped into it one day.  It was a hot and steamy morning and I went for a hike to look for the Pattaya tourist centre in hope of getting some local knowledge.  It turned out, that tourist centre was almost impossible to find; as I finally got there, it was obvious that I was the only visitor there and the two girls working there hardly spoke any English.

The good news was, I found some maps and according to one of the maps, we were directly under the top of the hills where the Big Buddha located. It was quite a hike all the way up and by the time we finally reached the top, I was soaking wet. On the upside, I also achieved the most steps within one day. Bonus!

pattaya big buddha You can’t miss the Walking Street if you are in Pattaya. If you want a Turkish ice cream? Try your luck with this man. It was so funning watching all his tricks in delivering the ice cream to his customers. He is so good and I think you can even find him on Youtube.
pattaya walking street-5 pattaya walking street-4 pattaya walking street-3 pattaya walking street-2 pattaya walking street

Another tourist attraction on my list to visit in Pattaya apart from the Sanctuary of Truth is Nong Nooch Tropical Botanical Garden. It looked amazing in the pictures and had really good reviews on Trip Adviser. When we finally got there, I realised it was such an artificial, tacky tourist trap. There were fake plastic animals everywhere which really destroyed the beautiful of any botanical garden.

Nevertheless, I tried my best to beautify this garden in photos too – as you do.

pattaya nong nooch garden-6 pattaya nong nooch garden-4 pattaya nong nooch garden-3 Pattaya tropical gardenpattaya nong nooch garden

Can you spot me in this picture?

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