This Winter in Sydney is unexpectedly cold and very long. The weather has been windy and damp with very little sunshine available. It started to rain again in the morning and I decided to lift my spirit by going on an excursion on a dull and grey looking day.

The ferry trip from Pyrmont Bay to Circular Quay is short and sweet. From Circular Quay I could easily walk to the idyllic Royal Botanic Garden and take a tour inside the Governor’s House. Having lived in Sydney for nearly 20 years, I’ve never get the chance to walk inside the Governor’s House located in the Royal Botanic Garden. It’d be nice and quiet with not many people around because of the cold weather right? That was the plan for the day any way.

Darling Harbour Sydney Sydney

Pymont Bay wharf, Darling Harbour

Circular Quay Sydney-2

On the Ferry From Pyrmont Bay to Circular Quay

In the spirit of embracing black coloured outfits (I used to avoid wearing anything black), I wrapped myself up in this black wool coat by Marc Jacobs together with a pair of black leather boots. It proved to be a good choice as I felt really warm and comfortable in them the whole time. On the other hand, I was so wrong in predicting that there wouldn’t be many people around. The Royal Botanic Garden was occupied by armies of school kids. Looked like all school kids in Sydney area went out to the same place, on the same day, the same time. The Governor’s house is also closed for the day due to a function.

governor's house Sydney

Haha, things never go according the plan but never mind that. I walked around the Circular Quay area, took many photos like a tourist and enjoyed a wonderful lunch in the city.

Royal Botanic Garden Sydney Royal Botanic Garden Sydney-2

Circular Quay Sydney-6 Circular Quay Sydney-7 Circular Quay Sydney-8

Circular Quay Sydney-10

It was a perfect day out indeed. So glad I went out for some fresh air and also was congratulated by my phone that more than 10,000 steps was made. How did the Opera House look in a grey, not so good looking day? It was just as perfect as always, with its sexy curves and points and all.

Circular Quay Sydney-3

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