A Quick Guide on How to Find Your Best Dart Online


Playing darts is a fun way to spend time with your friends or family and get some excise, especially at night in Winter when it’s cold outside and there’s not much to do.

New dart players and beginners are often found getting confused about the best tool for their game given a great deal of equipment that is available in the darts online store to choose from. Like any other game, there is simply no dearth of the types of darts available to the market. Each type is differentiated from the other type by their design, weight, size and shape. So, now the question is how to start the search for the best fit of dart for you. Read on to find out some of the basic guidelines that will help you make the right choice.

A note to be mindful about before you begin

As what the usual case is, beginners end up changing their darts every week or way faster than how it should be. If you too resort to this habit, no matter how hard you try, you will never be able to become a better dart player. This is, however, not to stop you from exploring other styles and games. But explore till you find the best fit of dart style and then work upon it. Do not wander off this particular style while you are tempted to practise some more different games. And remember, how you throw the dart is more important than what you throw.

Know the barrel

In the entire dart’s body, the barrel (the tungsten, middle part of the dart) is the only part which is the most important. Why it is so much important is because it affects the throw most significantly. Actually, it is the part where the point of weight of the dart lies. You, however, can pick any dart from the massive range of weights available to the market. As a matter of fact, the standard weight of darts is 21-27 grams. But, if you wish to have darts a little heavier or lighter than the standard range, you can have without any problem. Most of the dart veterans believe that the beginners should start with the 24 grams mark (the average of the standard range) and then adjust from there gradually. And do not worry if you are not able to concur with any of the dart veterans’ styles or suggestions. It might be just that you would have different preference. Plus, there is another thing about barrel, which is grip. Even the grips are not spared from varieties which go from darts without a grip to darts with heavy knurling. As it is, the heavier the knurl, the easier would it be for the player to make a grip on the dart in question. But again, you can find some other knurl serving your purpose.

More about accessories including shafts and flights

Like barrel, the need for shafts and flights is equally felt. Shafts are the part above the barrel which are usually made of plastic or metal. Both of these accessories are economical and convenient to replace. So, do not worry about changing them. The thing with flights and shafts is that they can worn out very easily as soon as a dart hit another dart in the board or at the time of bouncing out or when the shaft bend or snap. That’s that! About shaft, it is only the length that needs to be considered. If you are the kind of player throwing darts with pace and power, then chances are that a shorter shaft can work for you. And a longer shaft can work for you if yours is a loftier, lighter throw. Besides, flights too follow the footsteps of shafts and barrels and are available in all shapes and sizes. Talk about the most common, it is the kite shape and the teardrop shape.

Are you ready? Let’s go play!

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