Ayutthaya Photo Diary


Headless buddhas, crumbling bricks & stucco – ruined yet still stunningly beautiful.Can you imagine its former glory? 

Ayutthaya thailand-12One of the highlights of my Thailand trip this year was visiting Ayutthaya, a World Heritage City and historic capital of Thailand.

On the way from Bangkok to Ayutthaya, we visited the the Summer Palace of King Rama V with its mixture of Thai, Chinese and Gothic architecture.

By the time we got to Ayutthaya historic park around 10:30am, it was burning hot already. But the heat couldn’t stop me from running around, staring at everything in awe. This once glittering, vibrant capital city was destroyed by the Burmese in the 18th century. Can you imagine its formal glory?

Wat Mahatad, the royal monastery, served as the residence of supreme monk:


Ayutthaya thailand-2
Ayutthaya thailand

Ayutthaya thailand-9 Ayutthaya thailand-8 Ayutthaya thailand-7 Ayutthaya thailand-5

The famous sandstone Buddha head entwined in tree roots:Ayutthaya thailand-4 Ayutthaya thailand-3

Ayutthaya thailand-6

Wat Phrasrisanphet, the largest and most important temple in Ayuthaya, which was used as a residential palace. After Thai Capital was moved to Bangkok, The Grand Place in Bangkok was built, copying the exact style of this palace in Ayuthaya.

Ayutthaya thailand-14
Ayutthaya thailand-11

Ayutthaya thailand-10 Ayutthaya thailand-14 Ayutthaya thailand-15

Wihan Phramongkhon Bophit, the large bronze Buddha image was originally enshrined in the ipen are outside the grand palace and later covered by a building called Wihan:

Ayutthaya thailand-16 Ayutthaya thailand-13

Cruise back to Bangkok, passing Temple of Dawn which was under construction at the time:

Ayutthaya thailand-17

Back to the hotel, sipping cocktail on the roof top bar while watching sunset:

Ayutthaya thailand-18


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