Make 2016 Your Most Motivated Year Yet


The new year is always full of challenges. Fitness resolutions we may be struggling to keep. Emotional health going through a whole new phase of panic and feeling the time pass by. Personal projects that we’ve wanted to complete for a while. Whatever it is you’re looking to do this year, you’re not alone. We all want to make the best of our time and come out a stronger person. Whatever your goals, here are some ways to stay motivated and top on yourself in 2016.

Write your personal manifesto

What is it you want to do? Who is it you want to be? This isn’t something for you to put on your social media page or you blog. This is something to read to yourself, to reaffirm your beliefs and your motivations. Examine your life and tell yourself what you’re going to do about it. Write a personal manifesto for you to read every time you’re feeling unsure of yourself. Even writing it will have tremendous effect of sorting your head out and understanding yourself better.

Make every day count


Sure, sure. We hear it every day. Carpe diem and all that. But how do you actually do it? The manifesto above is a good way of getting your life in priority, but the daily slog comes after that. The trick is to give yourself daily tasks that contribute towards living a fulfilled life. Ask what would make your day worthwhile. Do something important. Do something you love. Keep an open mind and actively learn new things every day. Most importantly, have no fear about getting out of your comfort zone. Failure at trying something new should never be your concern. Missing out should be.

Always be ready for new ideas


Add a new weapon to the arsenal you keep in your purse or bag. Pocket diaries are now your best friend. Be prepared to make plans for anything, anywhere. Always have a space in the margin or the back for new ideas. Set out what you want to do tomorrow, the day after and the day after. Prioritise the diary and make sure the diary prioritises you.

Take time to put it all in perspective

Try waking up early for a change. Take your new time to learn how to meditate. It’s not just for those trying out alternative ways of feeling good. It has proven benefits of compartmentalizing your life.  Want to work on that project of yours? Got a problem you could really use help in dealing with? Meditation can break these difficult aspects of your life into chunks so you’re much more ready to tackle them.

Keep your space organised


Clutter is the enemy. An untidy space makes an untidy mind. If you have an office where you work or a desk where you sit and plan, get it uncluttered. Prioritise notes that are important and get to ridding yourself tasks instead of adding new ones. Organise your stuff and find that your life follows suit.


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