In Love With This Crazy Shadow


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Never thought it was that windy. J and I went out for a walk just before the sunset the other day around the neighbourhood. The sun was glowing softly and the temperature was just perfect but oh my. The wind.

It was surprisingly windy, so I kinda regretted wearing a flowy silk dress and hoped there was a hairband handy to tie my hair up. We managed to have some photos that looked calm but that naughty wind kept blowing my dress up, my hair all over the place. My hands were very busy pulling my dress down and holding my hair away from my eyes so I could see the world. One thing for sure to remember: always wear great underwear!

On the flip side, we had a lot of fun playing with light and shadows against a red wall. The crazy wind, my crazy hair and crazy shadow just worked perfectly together. This is the picture I’m falling in love with:

crazy shadow (3 of 7)

Do you like my shadow?


Photos: Candidtown Photography

Topshop black silk dress, Louis Vuitton Neverfull bag, suede boots, necklace from a boutique in Germany.


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