A Little Zombie Walk On Austinmer Beach

Austinmer Beach

Austinmer Beach
Austimere Beach (3 of 7)Austimer Beach (6 of 7)Austimer Beach (1 of 7) Austimer Beach (2 of 7)Austimer Beach (5 of 7)

austimer beach

Zombie walk on the beach… a happy zombie for once

Sydney has been raining literally non-stop for a week now. Without even a minute break from those heavy rain drops from the sky, one can only sit inside and dream about beach weather.

Those photos are from my last trip to Austinmer Beach a couple of weeks ago. Autinmer beach is about one and a half hours’ drive south from Sydney, close to Wollongong city centre. Why drive so far to a beach while there are so many wonderful beaches in Sydney? Perhaps the scenic drive is quite enjoyable; perhaps that large rock platform has our names on it; perhaps it has this little shop that can cook up the best fish and chips. Whatever the reason, a day trip to Austinmer beach always manage to make me feel energized and happy.

And that’s all that matters. Do whatever makes you happy, whenever you can.


Photos: Candidtown Photography

Silk top from Marcs, Ray Ban sunglass.


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