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Have you bought anything and never ever used it afterwards? I have this “bought and forgot” syndrome. The idea of getting something new and the possibility to use/wear it excites me but as soon as it’s been bought, I’ll loose interest.

“It’ll be good to buy this big screen 3D TV so that I can watch 3D movies at home.” As a matter of fact, those 3D glasses come with the TV have never seen the light out of their box. If you ask me where they are now,  I have no clue.

“Imaging all the dishes cooked with freshly pressed garlic after I buy this fancy garlic presser.” Well, the tag on the garlic presser is still firmly attached to it. And I’m still cooking with garlic mince in the jars from the supermarket.

“I’ll play piano in the living room in lovely afternoon sunlight. How sweet is that.” That piano is now sitting in the corner collecting dust.

Let’s not mention those clothes, shoes and handbags accumulated but not worn enough.

This denim skirt belongs to that pile of clothes. It was bought because it’s quite unique. It’s got this washed look with frills at the front and lace along the hemline. The thing is, in spring or summer, I just wear dresses or jumpsuit… anything one-and-done. I’m way to lazy to style skirts with tops.

So one day I decided to give it away among with many other pieces. Then mum said, “it’s a nice skirt, why don’t you wear it?”

I normally don’t listen to my mum but that time I stopped. Why don’t I give it a chance? It could be fun styling all the clothes and accessories I have!

As soon as I saw this little white top, I know it’s perfect to pair it up with that denim skirt. The shirt is made of cotton and silk with lovely embroidered flowers and leaves in different shades of blue. White and gladiator look is on trend this Spring, so it’s a good opportunity to finally break in my white leather sandals (this is as gladiator as I could go) bought a long time ago.

It was crazily windy by the wharf, but some fresh air and a nice walk were much needed in the late afternoon.

by the wharf denim skirt-1

by the wharf denim skirt-2

by the wharf denim skirt-3

by the wharf denim skirt-5

Location: Sydney

White silk & cotton embroidered top, blue denim skirt, white leather shoes and Louis Vuitton shoulder bag. Silver necklace and rings from Europe.

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