Why Your Oral Health is More Important Than You Might Think

Your mouth is the main entrance to your body. It is how we feed ourselves, where we take drinks in medicines.  Not looking after our teeth can cause gum diseases, and these can be made worse by the things we consume. Sugary drinks, for instance, are bad for your teeth, but if you must have them you need to clean away the residue afterwards.

The Problems Neglecting Oral Healthcare Can Cause

Neglecting your teeth and gums has been linked to other diseases, such as heart problems, lung diseases, kidney diseases, dementia infertility and miscarriages. There is also one study that has found a connection between gum disease and obesity. There are more than enough risks in our daily lives without putting ourselves at more risk because of poor hygiene for our teeth and gums, which is why if you want to get healthier, you should perhaps, start with your teeth. Doing so can have so many benefits!

There is more to cleaning them though than just running a brush over them every day. Soft bristles are the best type of toothbrush to use, as they will clean your teeth without damaging your gums. You should make sure you clean every side of all of your teeth and then floss them to ensure no bits of food have been missed.

Visiting your dentist practice every 6 months should also be part of your routine, as they will be able to let you know if you are caring for them properly, and deal with any problems you might have.

There are many dental issues that can be sorted without extraction if they are found early enough. There are replacements that can be used for lost teeth, but none of them will be as good as your own.

Hormone Problems

Where women are concerned, hormones can play a part in the health of their teeth. They can find they are more like to suffer from pain in their mouths when they are having their monthly period, while they are pregnant, when they are experiencing puberty or going through the menopause. In all these different stages of a woman’s life, her hormones will change, and so will the health of her teeth if they are not properly cared for.

It is very common for their gums to become inflamed, and although sometimes extra brushing and flossing can help, it may need an extra visit to the dentist to check that their teeth are ok.

Teach Them From An Early Age

If children are taught from an early age how to look after their teeth, it will become part of their daily routine that they will accept as perfectly normal The same applies to visits to the dentist. The sooner they start the better. You do not want your children to associate these visits with treatment, as they may get frightened to go. Far better that they see the dentist for a few times before anything needs doing, as by then they will have come to trust them, and you will be able to get them there with no hassle at all. Dental practices are very good at handling little ones, as they want them to become regular visitors too.

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