Exciting Food Trends From Across The Globe

World cuisine can do so much more than pamper our sense of taste; it can also open new doors to different cultures and traditions, each of which has fantastic stories about the value of food to our lives. According to research by The American Culinary Traveler, around 88.2% of people consider gastronomy a defining element of travel destinations. If you are seeking inspiration for the perfect spot to visit, take a look at our small selection of food trends worth trying!

Around the world in a day

If you love Mexican, Japanese, or Spanish food, why choose just one? Savvy restaurants like El Celler de Can Roca in Spain are offering bites from different culinary traditions in one elaborate tasting menu. How does starting your meal with a burrito with mole and guacamole sound, followed by a Turkish vine leaf tartlet with lentil puree, eggplant and spices sound? China is next, then Morocco, Korea, and more influences that are well loved by sophisticated palates that enjoy exciting and surprising ingredients.

Probiotics: You are what you eat

The health and organic food industries are booming across the globe, with Europe and the U.S. making up the biggest demands for foods that feed the body, mind, and soul. Probiotic dishes, containing live bacteria and yeasts wielding a wealth of benefits, are making their way into sophisticated and family restaurants alike. One Arizona restaurant, Farm & Craft, has a wellness menu that incorporates probiotic classics like kombucha into dishes and beverages alike. Founder Ryan Hibbert notes that wellness offerings “focus on four main topics for optimal health: increasing your daily probiotic intake, boosting your immune system, reducing your stress level and enhancing an antioxidant diet.” In London, meanwhile, diners are raving over dishes like spinach and tofu miso soup or pork served with vegetables and kimchi, at Gaya restaurant.

Food swaps

In line with the penchant for health foods come substitutions for carb-rich or refined ingredients. Think cauliflower for pizza crust, spiralized zucchini for pasta, and dates mixed with orange juice instead of syrup. As noted by strategic food designer, Marielle Bordewijk, Magioni’s cauliflower pizza crusts and Halo Top’s Non-Dairy, Vegan ice-cream (made with coconut milk, prebiotic fiber and other healthy ingredients) are doing a roaring trade. It is relatively easy to opt for low-sugar, low-starch foods these days, with restaurants and supermarkets alike providing inspiration for healthier home cooking.

Haute cuisine tapas

Gourmets across the globe love Spanish tapas (small dishes served alongside great wine or Cava), but these days, presentation is everything. This is evident in restaurants like Bodega 1900, opened in Barcelona by master chef Albert Adrià (brother of ‘Father of Molecular Cuisine’, Ferran Adrià). Sa Brisa Gastro Bar in Ibiza, meanwhile, serves traditional tapas in a brand new way, using ingredients native to countries like Peru or Japan and presenting each dish as though it were a piece of contemporary art.

We have mentioned just a few food trends taking over the gastronomic world but there are so many more – including the penchant for regional cuisine, purely plant-based dishes, and eco packaging for foods. Travel is the best way to experiences these trends, taking home their influences to whip up dishes your friends and family will love. In general, health and sustainability will be big, and as for artistry – isn’t all great food a work of art?

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