5 “Must Have” Health Check-Ups

It’s important we keep our health in regular check as we get older, though many times, we neglect to undertake the necessary tests to ensure we are retaining our state of good health – often, thinking that as nothing appears to be ‘wrong with us’, we must be fine, yet things such as hearing and eye set degenerate gradually over time and therefore we don’t always notice the difference.

It’s therefore a good idea to have a check-up in certain areas, at least once in a while, to ensure our health is okay – a bit like how we take our cars for a service each year.


The majority of people today, particularly given the intensive use of computers, televisions, and mobile devices we all use require a little help to correct their sight; as we age the health of our eyes can start to deteriorate so it’s good to have a check-up.


The good news is hearing evaluations are one of the less invasive tests required, yet so many of us begin to lose the edge of our ability to hear others, which leads to severe and totally unavoidable communication issues.  

The ability to communicate is so important, and if you are struggling with your hearing, then it’s a good idea to get a quick test – as it’ll be over in a jiffy and could save a lot of embarrassment down the line.  The other thing to note is that some hearing aids are now totally hidden within the ear itself.


High or low blood pressure can lead to serious problems, or be an indication of something more serious underneath the surface – so it’s a good idea to keep an eye on your blood pressure and make any lifestyle adjustments necessary to optimise your blood pressure, as this is an area that can lead to hypertension and heart disease.


In a similar vein, you want to keep an eye on your levels of cholesterol.

Given the processed diets of the modern age a lot of us suffer with high levels of cholesterol; which is where over time the arteries begin to clog up and harden.  This is a major cause of heart disease, and if you do have high cholesterol, it’s something that should be addressed sooner rather than later.  Today, you don’t even need to go to the doctor as you can self-testing kits online.


Finally, it’s a good idea to be tested for diabetes.  Many people are pre-diabetic due to the processed foods and sugar they consume on a daily basis, but if you do have diabetes and aren’t diagnosed – it can worsen the condition, as once you have a diagnosis it can be managed and controlled much better.

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