What to Put in Your Fanny Pack When You Travel

What if I tell you that you can bring all the essentials for a day trip without stuffing your pockets or carrying your day bag? Long gone are the days when you need to bring a handbag or a backpack along with you just to carry the daily essentials. Travel has been revolutionised by the new trend of wearing a fanny pack on your adventures. This article describes what one is and what you should put inside it when you travel.

What is a Fanny Pack?

A fanny pack is like a large money belt with multiple pockets and compartments that you wear around your waist. We call it a bum bag in Australia:). You can keep everything inside and zip it up making travelling more convenient. And, it makes you less of a target for pickpockets. The accessory comes in a variety of different styles and prints, which gives you the flexibility to choose something to match your personality.

Fanny bag

Why Wear a Fanny Pack When You Travel?

Travel in Italy

Being a typical tourist in Italy

Travel becomes more convenient. You can put everything inside and wear it like a belt. I can put my phone, money, and bank cards in one of the more secure pockets. Sometimes I can even fit my camera and a small bottle of sunscreen inside. This means I have more flexibility in what I wear and I don’t have to worry about carrying a bag.

If the weather is hot, I can wear my shorts and not have to worry about pockets. When the rain comes, the fanny pack protects my electronics from getting wet. This has several advantages and makes travelling easier for us all.

The Essential Things to Put in Your Fanny Pack:

Now that you know what they are and how you can benefit from wearing one, let’s take a look at the essentials things to put inside. I’m going to assume that you’re already going to put some of the obvious things inside, such as your phone. I don’t need to tell you that. But you may not think about the essentials that I always bring in mine.

The first is medicine. The last thing anyone wants is to have their stomach start to bubble when they’re a million miles away from a toilet. And what about when a migraine or travel sickness suddenly hits you. You can protect yourself by always have anti-diarrheal tablets, painkillers, and your other essential medicines inside. This way, it’s impossible to forget them.

Another essential is a charger for the phone. What if the battery dies and you really need to contact someone? Another safety measure is that you can put a small whistle to attract attention. And also it’s easy to hide a large denomination note of a different currency for emergencies. You should also keep a photocopy of your passport inside too. The great thing here is that they’re hidden and you can keep it on you at all times.

There are many benefits of wearing a fanny pack if you’re travelling. It’s easy to carry and you can always make sure the essentials are with you at all times in case you find yourself in a difficult situation.

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  1. DKC
    DKC says:

    Thank you for the wonderful tips! I just purchased my first fanny pack and was trying to think of everything I would need for a day trip. I would add Kleenex, a bandaid, insect repellent and a snack too. Thanks again!


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