Burleigh Heads Sunset


The most memorable part of my Gold Coast trip this time is those amazing sunrise and sunset on the beach. Burleigh Heads is just about 20 minutes drive from Broadbeach where I stayed so we scheduled one one evening to drive over to Burleigh Heads to watch sunset over the water.

The problem is everyone else seemed to have the same idea that evening. It was packed with people with picnic blankets and cars when we get there and it took us another good 20 minutes to drive around to find a parking spot. I watched the most stunning part of the sunset through car window when those high rise buildings in Surfers Paradise glittered in the last golden sunlight of the day.

The sun had gone down as we finally settled on a rock along the hills but I still captured some beautiful images of the skylines to remember that charming evening.

burleigh heads sunset-2 burleigh heads sunset-3 burleigh heads sunset-4 burleigh heads sunset-5 burleigh heads sunset-6 burleigh heads sunset

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