Weekly Motivation: Drink Water Throughout the Day


Do you drink 8 glasses of water daily? That’s the amount of water we are recommended to drink each day anyway. The problem is, I often forget to drink water – maybe that’s why I feel hungry all the time. I think my average daily water intake is about two glasses which, of course, is way too little for my body. I only drink when I feel extremely thirsty – mostly after a very tasty but salty meal. As a result, my lips are always cracked; I find my skin tone quite dull, I keep eating like a hungry wolf…

We are educated very often about the benefits of drinking water and staying hydrated but how to make drinking more water a habit? I came across these two wonderful infographics from Pinterest that will remind me why and how. Hope they’ll help you too if you need it.
benefit of drinking water

weekly motivation: drink more water

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