New York Photo Diary: The Metropolitan Museum of Art


Like The British Museum in London, The Metropolitan Museum of Art is a place that I would go back to visit again and again. The Met also has amazingly large Egyptian and Asian Art collections.

Here are a few photos from my visit to The Metropolitan Museum of Art back in 2013, giving a glimpse into the Met’s glorious collection of over 5000 years of art.

the-met-fifth-avenue the-met-fifth-avenue-2 the-met-fifth-avenue-3 the-met-fifth-avenue-10 the-met-fifth-avenue-11 the-met-fifth-avenue-12 the-met-fifth-avenue-13 the-met-fifth-avenue-14 the-met-fifth-avenue-7 the-met-fifth-avenue-6 the-met-fifth-avenue-5 the-met-fifth-avenue-4 the-met-fifth-avenue-9 the-met-fifth-avenue-8 the-met-fifth-avenue-15 the-met-fifth-avenue-16

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