Weekly Motivation: Have A Deadline for Everything


I’m someone who’s used to (and good at) working with tight deadlines. When it comes to clients’ work, I’m always organised and on top of things.

But I don’t apply the same discipline with my personal life. I’d postpone cleaning up my garage for weeks and weeks. It seems I’ll never finish reading that book I started 2 months ago. It’s been a long time and I still haven’t started to write that article for the Huffington Post.. Such things I’ve been intending to do but never really made time to start or finish. All of that leads to disappointment. Yes I feel disappointed about my slackness with my personal matters.

So from now on I’ll be more strict with deadlines on my personal “to do list”. Put a deadline on everything that I’m planning to do outside work and review my progress periodically.

I’d be very happy to see a clean and tidy garage soon!



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