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While there is plenty for you to do if you are going to spend four or five days or a week or more in London, for those that might only be coming to the city for a night or two you want to make the most of what little time you may have to do something. One of the real draws in London is getting the chance to go to the West End and take in one of the great musicals or plays that are currently running. Going to a show like this may be something you have never had the chance to experience before so it can be something new and exciting. You can make your night in London special by seeing a show at staying at one of the hotels near Theatreland to really make it a grand experience.

At any given time there may be up to forty different shows playing in the Theatreland area in London. You can choose from famous shows that have had long runs in the area, musicals where you know all the words to the songs, famous plays starring world-famous actors of the stage and screen and little-known gems that can open your eyes to a whole new world of comedy or drama. As fantastic as the different shows can be for you to see, even just stepping foot into some of the historic theatres in the area can be a big thrill for you. Many of the theaters are older and date back to the Victorian era, making them historical sites of their own just so you can see the history and architecture of the buildings.

If you are coming into the city to see a show it is always a good idea to make a special night complete by staying at one of the bed and breakfast hotels in Victoria London. This will keep you right in the area of Theatreland so that you can easily walk to the show you are planning to see without worrying about getting a taxi or finding a way to get to where you want to go. You can start your day early and have a wonderful dinner at one of the great restaurants in the area, go to see your show, walk back and have a drink at a local pub, then return to your hotel for a comfortable night of sleep before getting on your way the next day.

If you want to create a great day in London and are looking at the hotels in Theatreland London, check out the Best Western Victoria Palace as a place to stay. The Best Western Victoria Palace is in the ideal location so that you can easily get to any of the great theatres in the area, have a nice play to stay and do it all without spending a fortune on a hotel in this part of the city.

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