Looking Ahead To A Fashionable 2018

There are only four months left of 2017 so now is as good a time as any to start looking ahead to the new year. After all, we only have four months to get our new wardrobes all ready!

So, what’s going to be a sartorial hit in 2018? I’ve been taking a look at all the latest catwalks and fashion shows and think that these are some of the biggest fashion trends that will sweep us all away next year!

fashionable 2018


Every season there seems to be a different colour that becomes extremely fashionable. Looking ahead to next year, it looks like silver is going to be the flavour of the year. Lots of shows recently have dressed up their models in some beautiful sterling silver garments – think glam bomber jackets and shiny silver maxi skirts. Of course, the colour won’t be used in such an avant garde way when it hits the high street shops, so expect to see it being added as small touches to the clothes you buy!

Double Denim

Just a few years ago, you might have been laughed at for walking down the street in double denim. But now that has all changed, and this look is very much en vogue. But you will find that denim jackets become a lot more sophisticated, and they could even lose their reputation as being an item of casual clothing. In 2018, they will be tailored and extremely elegant. And they will certainly go well with some dark denim jeans!

60s Folk

The 60s will be back in 2018 – in our wardrobes at least! The folk trend will see fashionistas clash their bright patterns and head towards a very trendy look. In fact, looking at these Indie and Harper bohemian necklaces, it looks like this folky look is already here in our shops! As well as clashing Bohemian patterns, you should also try and clash your materials. The double denim look won’t work well done in a folky fashion, that’s for sure, so stick to one or the other!

Fur And Feathers

The best way to make your clothes as comfy and cosy as possible? Add some fur and feathers! Thankfully, these are set to be huge in 2018. When it comes to feathers, look for clothes that use ostrich feathers, as these are set to be extremely popular. And as for your furs, they need to be bright and bold. It’s all about making a statement with your feathers and fur this year.

Office Wear

There’s nothing better than getting home from work and slipping into something a bit more comfortable than your office wear, right? Well, you might not get the chance next year! That’s because office wear looks like it could become very popular and might even become a trend in casual wear. So, don’t take off that suit just yet!

Hopefully, one of these coming trends looks interesting to you. But these aren’t the only trends set to take over 2018. Keep watching the catwalks for more insights of what is to come!

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