You Can Have a Hollywood Smile Too! How to Achieve a Truly Stunning Set of Teeth

Say cheese! The utterance of this phrase will generally provoke one of two emotions in people. The first? An instant smile, bearing a mouthful of teeth ready for the camera, or shying away in embarrassment. Your teeth have a huge effect on your appearance and consequently, a profound effect on your self-confidence. So, how do you go about ensuring that they are something that you are proud of? Follow these few simple steps to get the most out of your teeth, keeping them healthy, clean and beautiful.

Keep Your Teeth Clean

The first thing that most people will notice about your smile is its shade. The whiter your teeth, the healthier and more aesthetically pleasing the majority of people will find your smile. The good news? Maintaining pearly whites is relatively easy. All you need to do is keep on top of your dental hygiene regime. This should involve cleaning your teeth thoroughly twice a day (preferably once in the morning and once at night). You can achieve equally good results with a manual brush or electric brush, as long as you use them properly. Next? Flossing. You should use dental tape between your front teeth and good brushes to effectively clean the larger gaps between your molars. Finish off by rinsing with a minty mouthwash.

Straighten Things Up

Straight teeth are a highly desirable trait. Take a look at almost any advertisement. When celebrities come into the spotlight, you will also notice that one of the first things to change about them physically is their smile. Over time celeb smiles generally get straighter and whiter. So, if you don’t naturally have the most aligned smile, you’ll be glad to know that there are options out there for you! The most obvious options commonly available are braces. carrot-kale-walnuts-tomatoes

Control Your Diet

While dental procedures and dental care are of huge importance when it comes to achieving a brilliant smile, there are plenty of other things that you can focus on to maintain your stunning set of pearly whites. One of these things? Your diet. Your diet can have a profound effect on the health and appearance of your teeth. Let’s start with the obvious: cut back on sugar. We all know that sugary treats can greatly damage the health of your teeth, as they often come hand in hand with tooth decay. While your mouth is home to all sorts of bacteria, not all types are detrimental to your oral health. Some even contribute greatly to the ecosystem of your mouth. However, sugar acts as a food source for certain types of harmful bacteria that then go on to produce acid which damages your teeth. So, sugar itself doesn’t cause damage to your teeth, but it does make your home a hospitable and inviting habitat for negative bacteria which will take on the task of destroying your teeth on its behalf. So, keep sugary foods and drinks to a minimum. Instead, opt for sugar-free snacks. Chances are that these will be better for your overall health and wellbeing in general, so it’s a win-win lifestyle change. As well as kicking sweet treats and beverages to the curb, you should also avoid dark drinks that can dull your smile. These can include red wine and coffee. While indulging in these drinks every now and then won’t do you any harm, you should avoid consuming them on a regular basis. They are notorious for staining your teeth over time.

red lipsticks

Understand Visual Tricks

The power of makeup strikes again! If you are partial to wearing a little lipstick, make sure that you are aware of the effects of different shades on the appearance of your teeth. It is a commonly accepted fact that red lipstick makes your teeth appear brighter and whiter than other shades. Purples and pinks are likely to give your teeth a comparatively yellow appearance. So, be bold and go for a blue toned red lipstick if you can!

Following these simple steps will ensure that your teeth are as healthy as can be and look as good as possible. While you may have to make small changes to your lifestyle, the results will be more than worth the effort.

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