Coppelia Ballet at Sydney Opera House

My start of Summer this year was welcomed by a beautiful Ballet – Coppelia at the Sydney Opera House.


What about a drink and a bite to eat at the Opera Bar with friends beforehand in this glorious weather? Who could have said no. The story of Coppelia itself is quite simple yet very charming. I really loved those spectacular dance, amazing footwork and luscious costumes. Though the audience was not allowed to take any photos inside the theater, there are plenty of photos on the internet, giving a glimpse of this brilliant performance.

017_coppelia_theredlist coppelia-2016-the-australian-ballet-ako-kondo-as-swanhilda coppelia-2016-the-australian-ballet-ako-kondocoppelia-2016-the-australian-ballet-chengwu-guo coppelia-2016-the-australian-ballet-chengwu-guo-ako-kondo

During the interval, I stepped out of for a little break and caught a gorgeous sunset at the Opera House. This filled my heart with joy. So look forward to this holiday season!


Ballet photos: Jeff Busby

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