Harvard University Photo Diary


So there’s recent report saying that Chinese president’s daughter who’s currently studying at Harvard University, Massachusetts, refused to go back to continue her studies in China. Her reason being, Harvard students are down to earth. There are no students from rich background comparing with each other who’s richer like what is really common in China right now. She felt that she could concentrate on her studies without being distracted too much by social pressure.

Me and J, as tourists to the US, went to Harvard to check out this world’s most prestigious university in 2013. Looking back at the photos we took at the time, the Harvard’s campus is indeed plainer than Princeton University, yet very classic.

Obviously Harvard is well prepared for tourists –  there are daily tours  on every hour guided by costumed guides. There was also a line of people queuing to take a picture while touching the left foot of The John Harvard statue. Notice how shinny is his left foot due to non-stop rubbing from tourists?
harvard-university-2 harvard-university-3 harvard-university-4 harvard-university-5 harvard-university-6 harvard-university-7 harvard-university-8 harvard-university


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