Dinner at Tang Hui Restaurant, Sydney


So they say Duck at Tang Hui is exceptional and it didn’t disappoint, though the instruction of dipping duck’s crispy skin in white sugar as a “traditional Chinese way of eating” was a bit odd. Because, being a Chinese coming from Northern China where this kind of duck cooking originated from, I’ve never seen or heard anyone ate duck skin with white sugar. I know, I know, Chinese food has this reputation of being unhealthy so fat + sugar seemed legit, right?:)


Tang Hui has rather grand interior decoration and dim lights at dinner time. Needless to say the ambience is excellent.





For entrees, we ordered:

One Whole Beijing Duck with pancakes;


Triple-fried Crispy Calamari;


Wok Fried Grade 7+ Wagyu Beef with sun dried tomatoes and Vegetables;


Wok-Fried Pork Belly with Sweet & Sour Sauce & Frensh Fruits;


Smoked Salmon with Baby Rocket.


For Main, we ordered the Prawn curry with French chestnuts and Fried Mantao, highly recommended by the staff. Got to say, the prawn curry itself wasn’t that amazing but loved the fried Manto!


Another main we intended to have was the live mud crab but it wasn’t available so we ordered the Wok-fried prawn cutlets in homemade Sichuan Sauce.


For desert, we wanted to try the ice sugar cherry tomato. At $8 per cherry tomato, most people considered it expensive but Tan Hui is marketed as a high end restaurant so nobody wasn’t expect anything less. It turned out that desert wasn’t available either, so instead, we had Walnut Partfai, which was pleasantly delicious, and the Five-hour Poached Pear which tasted just like fruit out of a can.


I didn’t want to be rude to take photos of each dish as they came, preventing everyone from trying the new dish asap. Luckily most photos of the dishes we had are available from Tang Hui’s facebook page. So unless watermarked, photos of many dishes are Tang Hui’s facebook page. Those photos are so much better lit and presented with flower branches and all.

What can we say about Tang Hui restaurant?  The food was reasonably tasty and over priced (if the toilet wasn’t that dirty and smelly, maybe we’d probably let it go). The service was fast and attentive. The 3.4m tall terracotta warrior at the main door is impossible to miss. Overall a great dinning experience indeed.


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