America: Which City?


So you have decided to go to America, but which city is for you? Some people have to travel on a budget, while others save up and travel a huge wedge of America in one trip. But for those on a budget it can be quite hard deciding on which city you are going to visit. This guide looks at some of the best cities in America and aims to help you make a decision by showing you what’s best about each place. There are some truly stunning places in the world to visit, and America has so many of them. Take your time when you pick and if you feel your budget it too low for what you want to do consider waiting and saving up some more money so you can fully appreciate your trip to whichever city you eventually choose. There are pro’s and con’s to each city, but remember, different people like different things. So everyone will want someone different, the trick is finding a city that not just you will enjoy, but your family or travel companions will too.

Las Vegas

This is a stunning city full of lights and noises. A great place for people who love to party or just appreciate the hustle and bustle of Vegas life. There are many things for you to do here. If you enjoy shows then there are a huge amount  ranging from top celebrity music acts, magic, acrobatics, the list goes on. Vegas is of course also well known for its casino culture. If you are a bit of a gambler then this city is certainly for you. It has a huge amount of casinos of all different themes for you to enjoy. The great thing is, you don’t have to be a high roller to enjoy them, instead you can opt for playing the slots or using the low buy in tables. There really is something for everyone here.

It isn’t just a place to visit for shows, clubs and casinos though. You can also visit wider Nevada like the valley of fire national park or the hoover dam. If you wanted to stay in Vegas itself, don’t worry. There are countless museums for you to check out and the city has a rich criminal history based around the mob. The city caters to all tastes, you can even bring your family along. Just be sure you plan what you are doing before you get there otherwise you may end up disappointed as it isn’t really the kind of place you can just choose to do something, everything has tickets and runs like clockwork.

New York City

New York city

You’ve probably heard heaps about the NYC already. A stunning place to visit for people wanted a true slice of American culture. It is full of a multitude of nationalities and really shows the immigrant routes of America. Manhattan is a natural attraction point which has countless places to explore and building to climb. A trip up the Empire State building is always worth doing, the photos you can capture here are second to none. If you wanted a more encapsulating view of NYC then try a helicopter tour.

The statue of liberty is another point of attraction, which you can climb and check out the internal mechanisms yourself. Of course, the shopping in New York is second to none, with thousands of shops and boutiques all vying for your cash. You can watch some awesome baseball and basketball games whilst also watching some shows on the all hallowed broadway. You can also get your food fill here too. The countless of people types here mean you can get all kinds of great food, from five star dining experiences to simple hot dog street food. It’s all good.

The metropolitan museum of art, or met, caters for those with a love of art and is one of the best museums of its kind in the world. For those with a history buff then this city is for you as it’s rich history is portrayed in many museums throughout the city. New York city offers all kinds of awesome things to do. If you are stuck in which city to visit then this is a must as you can please people of all tastes. History, sport, architecture, the list goes on. It is especially nice as a place for a romantic getaway. Christmas is a lovely time to visit as the city does well in capturing the true essence of Christmas. Wrap up warm though, the win really does whip up through the high rise buildings and snow falls in droves during winter.

Washington DC

washinton dc

DC is the home of the political heart of the united states and is the country’s capital city. It is a wonderful place to visit, especially those with a leaning towards all things political. You can go and see the white house or maybe go to the capital building, the iconic domed building where the senate house resides. Again, one of the best museums in the world resides here in that of the smithsonian, a great museum of culture which was established in 1846. There are also more interesting museums such as the national spy museum, or the museum of natural history. The lincoln memorial is another stunning American monument for the history buffs out there.

Washington is a lovely city full of angular architecture and monuments that really reflect what the USA is today. But, it isn’t really a place to take thrill seekers and people who don’t appreciate the finer things in life. This is a place for refinement and lovers of history and politics. It’s fine if you are stopping off here as part of a bigger journey, but if you are only coming here, be sure you have done your research before hand.


Los Angeles is another city of a different kind. It ranges from slums and the poorest of people to those who live in the iconic beverly hills. This is a stunning city to visit dominated by the ever present hollywood sign hanging above the move centric neighbourhood of the same name. LA is vital for those who love all things films. There are all kinds of movie tours you can do with a plethora of move related museums and shops to discover. The benefit of LA is the heat. If you enjoy the sun you can catch the rays in the day and relax in the night at one of the many restaurants.

Kids will love it too due to the Universal Studios being nearby where you can send all day going on movie based rides and tours. The wizarding world of Harry Potter, attached to the park, is also a magical place that can take you to another world, somewhere your kids will never forget and full of amazing photo opportunities for all. There are museums, and countless attractions like madame tussauds hollywood. The city is good for all ages, just try not to venture to less reputable areas because they have quite a bad crime rate in the city.

New Orleans

New Orleans, or the big easy, is an awesome place to go if you are interested in America’s southern history. It is a stunning place to travel for food, as the mixture or cultures all make for a stunning mixture and culinary differences which you’ll be hard pressed to find elsewhere. Jazz aficionados will love this city, as the many jazz bars and shows all do well in opening your eyes to the musical routes of the city. The French quarter is great for this, and houses some stunning feats of architecture as well as its share of supposedly haunted buildings. Other places like the aquarium of the americas houses some interesting marine life to give you a break from the excessive consumption of bourbon. For those who love to party, the big easy is the place to be. Huge street carnivals and mardis gras are a major attraction for those looking to let loose in the city. The late winter carnival is famed for the amazing costumes and street parties which you can either watch from a hotel window or get down and involved with yourself.


One of the ultimate places to go if you love american history. An old city, founded in 1630 which was involved in the bloody war of independance from the British rule. If you are interested in this kind of history then the freedom trail is for you, a trail of markers that take you through some of Boston’s most important and most interesting sites. The floating history museum can be a good pull for kids as they always have something going on like reenactments or special exhibits. Sports fans can rejoice too, the boston red sox rarely disappoint and a night out at Fenway park is always one to remember. Boston is teeming with colonial history and is a centre point for the USA’s first steps towards independence. A beautiful city to visit at any time of the year.

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