5 British Dishes You Must Try When in London

British cuisine is known for its specific set of cooking traditions, which have been passed down for centuries. Regardless of what the French might think of English cooking, they can pack a punch, given that they are made with fresh local ingredients, matched with simple sauces to accentuate the flavour, rather than disguise it. British food has traditionally been based on beef, lamb, pork, chicken and fish. It is generally served with potatoes and one other vegetable.

Even the full English breakfast is a mighty meal by itself. It is delicious and usually inexpensive. To enjoy this meal and many others to the fullest, stay at great value budget hotels in Earls Court, such as Hotel Lily, which offers a breakfast that consists of sausages, mushrooms, eggs, tomatoes, potatoes and more.

5 Traditional Dishes to Try While in London

Here are five must try dishes during your stay in the capital of the UK:

      1. Fish & Chips: Traditional Fish & Chips has been on the top of any foodie’s list for not just decades, but maybe centuries, for times when they visit London. The dish is a combination of fried battered fish and hot chips. They are often garnished with salt and vinegar and are traditionally eaten with mushy peas.
      1. Sunday Roast with Yorkshire Pudding: A true British classic, the Sunday Roast is typically served on Sunday, as the name suggests. It consists of roasted meat, potatoes, vegetables, gravy, and accompanied by Yorkshire Pudding. The pudding is made of batter consisting of eggs, flour and milk or water. You’ll find this dish in the menu of almost all cheap & budget hotels in Earls Court. The size of the dish is such that you might find it difficult to finish all by yourself!
      1. Pie and Mash: This has been the staple diet of Londoners for centuries. It is traditional working-class food that originated inthe city itself. The dish has come a long way from the simple steak and kidney pie to pork pies. You’ll have a whole plethora of pie types to choose from in Britain. The pie is served with a pile of creamy mashed potatoes and lashings of gravy.
      1. Eton Mess: A traditionalEnglish dessert, this dish is a fabulous mix of crushed meringue, whipped heavy cream and strawberries. However, several variants are made using different kinds of fruits or with ice cream instead of simple cream. But nothing can beat the classic strawberry version.
      1. Beef Wellington: Moorish, flaky and filling, Beef Wellington is a standard British classic, made of filet steak, covered with pate and duxelles. It is then wrapped in a puff pastry and baked. However, the tenderloin may be sliced into individual portions prior to wrapping and baking. Spices like allspice and ginger are added to enhance the flavour.


Eton messFor a great experience and best value, stay at the reputable budget hotels near Earls Court Station. And, the next time you visit London, don’t miss out on enjoying the ultimate British tradition, the afternoon tea, which begins with a glass of champagne-rose. Accompanied with finger sandwiches and scones, lathered with fig and strawberry jam, along with pastries that include a tangy citrus meringue and pistachio profiterole. The list goes on!


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