Serene Spaces: How You Can Relax More At Home

After a long day, all you want to do is come home, kick off your shoes and relax. There’s nothing wrong with this, you should completely embrace doing nothing when you have the chance! Resting and relaxing can help to keep you productive, prevent you from feeling overworked and ‘burned out’ and is good for your health too. So creating a home that aids in relaxation is only a good thing. Here’s how you can go about it.

Achieve a Spa- Like Bathroom

Hot baths are a free and accessible way to completely relax. The hot water can loosen stiff muscles, lower blood pressure and give you a bit of quiet time to just clear your head. If you’re more of a quick showers kind of person, now’s the time to start embracing baths. Give your bathroom a refresh or even a full makeover if it needs it, this will give you the perfect surroundings to enjoy some me- time. At the very least, give it a good clean and buy some decent storage to keep clutter at a minimum. Pampering products, scented candles, a soft bath mat and large fluffy towels are all essentials. 

Make Your Bedroom A Sleep Sanctuary

Does your bedroom have more gadgets than a technology shop? Televisions, computers, speakers, phones, tablets- you name it. Blinking LED lights and the glow from screens have all been shown to affect a chemical called melatonin in our brain which is needed to ‘switch off’ at night and fall asleep. If you can’t move your technology out of the bedroom completely, at least make sure everything is completely switched off (and isn’t on standby) each night when you go to bed. Instead, it’s all about mood lighting, a soft glow where you can read a book or meditate to unwind in the evening. You could go with scented candles, or a lamp with a soft bulb. Another thing that can help keep your room relaxing is having a general declutter. A tidy room equals a tidy mind, when you’re surrounded by mess it’s a stressful environment and not the best when you’re trying to chill out

relaxation at home

Create a Comfy Seating Area

A comfy seating area is a must for those lazy evenings and weekends. Better still, upgrade your home entertainment system so you can watch box sets, movies and all your favorite shows in the best quality while you put your feet up. A large sofa or two or an armchair, lots of cushions and cozy throws for comfort and a footstool gives you the perfect chill out area. Go for the largest furniture you can for the size of the room, measure carefully to make sure you still have enough space to move around.

Is your home as relaxing as you’d like it to be?

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