The 3 Most Interesting Health Trends You Might Like To Try

In the health industry, there always seems to be a new fad diet or workout regiment sold to us. For the entry fee, we’re promised a world of wonders that will reduce our fat in a short amount of time, or for men, it’s putting on muscle without fat as quickly as possible without the use of steroids. For someone starting a health practice, these can sound phenomenal. Why wouldn’t they? There’s absolutely no doubt that we as humans want to progress down the easiest routes in order to achieve something worthwhile.

We feel that the only reason we haven’t achieved some of our goals is because we haven’t found the right method. This is somewhat true, but usually, it’s more about not progressing the right method, as opposed to not having it reveal itself to you.

This can leave a bad taste in your mouth. Humans can only take so much failure before they begin to give up, and this can prevent you from experiencing a range of health practices that might be good for you to at least try. Here are the ones you should check out if you’re looking to revolutionize your health schedule. Some provoke physical changes, some help you unwind, and some do both.

Without further ado:

Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent fasting is a positive dieting method because it introduces better cell-repair mechanics to your body and allows you to switch from running on carbohydrates to running on fat cells, otherwise known as a form of ‘ketosis.’ For weightlifters, this is great, because it allows you to lose fat while gaining the muscle you desire so much.

What better way to lean out? For those who don’t weight lift, intermittent fasting will allow your body to complete its digestive cycle and as a result get to focus on cellular repair, which has been proven to increase the lifespans of mice IF was tested on significantly.  The jury is still out on whether this translates to humans, but there’s no mistaking that it helps the weight drop off very quickly. All you need to do is limit your calorie intake to an 8-hour window while fasting for 16 hours. You don’t even need to reduce your calorie intake to experience the benefits. What other diet can say that?


Yoga allows you to stretch spiritually. It can make you more present, more alert, and more understanding of the difficulties in your life. If you’re skeptical, we recommend you try it. It is a meditative art that can yield serious short term and even more serious long-term benefits.



Acupuncture is an ancient art of relieving tension in pressure points around your body. It’s for that reason that it’s gained a massive cult following and there are many reputable acupuncture outlets around the world. The main regulating bodies allow you to experience acupuncture sessions that help you feel relaxed and gain the benefits safely and satisfyingly. It can be used effectively as a massage treatment also. Make sure you find out whether this service is suitable for you before you embark upon it.

Exploring those pursuits listed above will make you a happier, more health conscious person. What are you waiting for?


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