A friend of mine organised a birthday dinner a couple of weeks ago at Sydney Newtown Hotel. Always keen to try something new, I went along since I’d never eaten at Newtown Hotel before.

For those of you who don’t know Sydney well, Newtown is a bohemian part of town. I would like to think the reason I don’t go Newtown very often is because it’s very hard to find parking there, not because I’m not hip enough;).

It was a cold and wet night, dinner was booked from 7pm. I arrived at 6.55pm and found nobody else in the group there. Instead of worrying the whole dinner thing was a joke, I started to look around and was impressed by its character. Pardon my phone snaps, but you got the idea.

3 Highlights Of Newtown Hotel Food Experience
3 Highlights Of Newtown Hotel Food Experience

Slowly, our group of people started to emerge. It was the traffic holding them back indeed. Looking out from the balcony, it was a river of steel (static cars) out there on the main street.

3 Highlights Of Newtown Hotel Food Experience

1. The bohemian atmosphere & deco.
It was stylishly dark inside and dotted with funky decorations everywhere. I’m sure there’s more to explore coming in another day. This is a picture of the main table for us before everyone arrived, because we had 20 something people, the other corner of the room was reserved for us as well.

3 Highlights Of Newtown Hotel Food Experience

2. Healthy selection of banquet menu.
It was a feast! Food seemed to keep coming, yet none of the them is your typical pub dish. Olives, Grilled haloumi, Braised green beans,Roasted spuds, Beetroot salad & Cabbage Salad! Doesn’t sound like a vegetarian restaurant so far? 🙂

But wait, there were big servings of coal roasted lamb and chicken for meet lovers too. Lamb was tender & tasty. Chicken was plentiful & all breast. I don’t do breast but a friend sitting opposite to me enjoyed it thoroughly – chicken breast is his favorite.

3 Highlights Of Newtown Hotel Food Experience

Photo of food served from Newtown Hotel website, I was too busy eating and chatting of course…

3. The wicket chocolate brownie!
The friend who loves chicken breast told me he’s not a desert person, but he would be always ready for this chocolate brownie.
Oh boy, how wicked was that chocolate brownie! If there were a second serving,  I would have devoured it with absolute pleasure again.

This is the Newtown Hotel banquet menu for 8 people or more:

3 Highlights Of Newtown Hotel Food Experience

It think it’s a terrific idea to have a group get together in NewTown Hotel. Will I come back again? You bet.
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