Vapiano, Welcome To My List Of Favorites


Naturally I’m the adventurous, reckless type. For the sake of curiosity, I wouldn’t hesitate to travel to places where most people consider dangerous. Try different food. Try different career paths. Go out with different type of people. Dye my hair to different hair colors… But as I grow order (OMG, can’t believe once upon a time I couldn’t wait to grow up!), things have changed.  Suddenly I have a list. An old favorite list.  A list of things like my favorite local Thai restaurant, my favorite gardener when I need something basic to be done, my favorite tailor, my favorite website designer, my favorite handbag brand, my favorite seafood shop in Sydney fish market for mud crabs… I’m still open to adventures but for certain things I stick to my list.  Because I know that way, I won’t get nasty surprises.  Vapiano is my new favorite restaurant when I want satisfying – safe food away from home.

Has it ever happened to you? You were new in town. You wanted to eat out but had no idea which restaurant to go to. You finally picked one to try your luck. The food was awful and you thought even Macca’s was better than that. It happens to me less since I found Vapiano.

Vapiano is a German fresh casual restaurant chain offering Italian food. The concept is to “offer a dining experience that combines fast food and a more extravagant experience.” They are not your usually type of sit and order restaurants. The food was made to order and you get to watch the whole process. Every dinner get a chip card to be waved in front of the bar counter when ordering food and drink. When the dinner is finished, the card is waved in front of the register and the bill appears on the screen.

The best thing I like about Vapiano is the freshness of the food. You order your dish from the pizza or pasta bar, they cook your meal right in front of you. There are many different kinds of freshly cooked pasta in plastic containers, right behind the chef. You pick the pasta/pizza you like and tell the chef what ingredients/toppings you want from the menu. You watch they cook while waiting in line. You take your dish to the dinning table and pick fresh herbs from the pots on your table. I thought that is the cutest idea.

It’s a great place to catch up with friends in a relaxed atmosphere. We had dinner one day with friends at Vapiano Dortmund. It was packed. You’ll undertand after you try… freshly cooked, tasty Italian food for just around 6- 9 euros. Why wouldn’t it be popular? And the tea bottles are so pretty that I want to take them all home.

The good thing in Europe is you get these hop on hop off bicycle racks everywhere. The first half hour is free. Talk about convenience!

There are lots of Vapiano all over the world. I haven’t been to the ones in QLD and Melbourne. There isn’t any Vapiano in Sydney yet. I wonder if that has something to do with the ridiculously high rent and labor cost in Sydney. Luckily I don’t really need one close to home.  If you ever have trouble finding a good, reliable eating place my friend, look out for Vapiano.

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