Why You’ll Fall in Love With New York City Greenwich Village

In case you think I’m in the New York City Greenwich Village right now, I’m not. Though I wouldn’t mind that.

We reserved a whole day to do nothing else but wandering around Greenwich Village area during our New York trip. The goal of the day was to soak up in the Sun and experience the local way of living (i.e. getting there by Subway).

If you are not in a hurry while visiting New York city, spend some quality time in Greenwich Village.

Go Wander, you’ll love it.

Walking into a movie scene accidentally

Greenwich Village is unpretentiously cool. It is a relaxed neighborhood that happens to be the setting of many movies and TV shows. Friends is set in the Village. In Sex And The City, Carrie Bradshaw’s apartment building is also in the Village, even though her address is given as on the Upper East Side. It wasn’t my intention at all to search for those places in the movie scenes in Greenwich Village but you really don’t need to look out for them . They jump at you.

As I was walking along the tree lined streets aimlessly, a familiar garden setting appeared right in front of me. Wait a minute, isn’t it the place where Miranda and Steve got married in Sex And The City? Indeed it is, the Jefferson Market garden where the movie scene was set.

New York City Greenwich Village Jefferson Market garden

Setting for Sex and The City where Miranda and Steve’s wedding took place

The red building at the back is an old courthouse, now known as Jefferson Market Library.

NYC Greenwich Village old court house


No skyscrapers

New York has plenty of skyscrapers in every shape and size. When you want to escape from the huge shadows of these tall buildings cast and urgently need to feel the sun shinning on your skin, come to Greenwich Village.  It is a world away from Time Square and other busy parts of Manhattan. The village landscape is thoroughly enjoyable and I’m never sick of looking at the exterior fire escape on an old building facade. There are cafes, bars and bakeries on every street corner in Greenwich Village. Quaint little shops are everywhere too.

greenwich village building shop


Washington Square Park

Greenwich Village is the arty, bohemian part of New York City. If you are tired of sightseeing, shopping, watching shows, visiting museums… Come to chill out in Washington Square Park. Located at the heart of Green Which Village, Washington Square pare is dominated by the 1892 Washington  Arch and central fountain which draws crowds of students, tourist, locals and artists year -round.

NYC Greenwich Village arch in washington square parkplay in washinton square park

You might even bump into the future Bob Dylan. Actually, you don’t need to meet anybody, just come and sit. And watch the world go by.NYC Greenwich Village washington square park

Joe’s Pizza

Do you want to try some classic New York fast food? Have a huge slice of pizza or two at Joe’s Pizza. It’s a buzz and bustle tiny place with pizzas flying out of the oven literally every  minute. I’m not huge fan of pizza but I loved it so much and went for seconds. Pizzas in New York is different from those in Italy. They are huge with very little toppings. I still wonder how could a plain looking pizza be this tasty. Photos of celebrities eating at Joe’s pizza occupied a wall inside. Everybody wants a slice of Joe’s Pizza, evidently.

joes pizza

joes pizza greenwich

So there you have it, snippets of Greenwich Village. When you go wander, don’t worry about getting lost. Because there’s no other neighborhood more enjoyable to get lost in that Village.

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