Top 4 Attractions of Rockfeller Center New York City

It’s hard to miss Rockefeller Centre visiting New York City. Known as city in the city, Rockefeller Centre looks like a civic planning master piece in NYC, eager to be shown off.  And it does get the attention it deserves,  a lot of it. There’s plenty to see at Rockefeller Centre but the following is the most eye catching for me.

Top 4 Attractions of Rockfeller Center New York City

  • International Fags

I was first drawn to Rockefeller Center by the colorful international flags around its lower plaza. Have you noticed there are gigantic American flags flying almost everywhere in the US? Displaying an array of multinational flags certainly makes the whole building group stand out in a crowd.

rockefeller center nyc


rockefeller center flags

  • GE Building At Rockefeller Center

One of the top skyscrapers in the New York City, GE building is the tallest among the Rockefeller Center group of buildings. Does this picture make you feel dizzy? I felt dizzy taking this picture. Top of Rock, the observation deck is on the top of Rockefeller center’s GE building.

front of ge building

Does this picture make you feel dizzy? I felt dizzy taking this picture.

This is the front entrance of GE Building:

front entrance of GE building

Inside the GE building is grand. I guess you can tell from the look of the lobby:



  • Lower Plaza

Located in the center of the buildings, Lower Plaza of Rockefeller Center is full of life. The weather was still warm while we were there so it wasn’t converted into an outdoor ice skating rink yet. See the most famous artwork at Rockefeller Center in this picture? It is the gilded bronze sculpture hovering over a fountain – the Prometheus sculpture. It depicts Prometheus who returns the stolen fire to mankind.

lower plazaHere’s Prometheus sculpture with GM building at the background.

sculpture and ge building

  • Top of the Rock

You need to follow the signs inside the building to find your way to Top Of The Rock. The line to buy a ticket on the spot is very, very long. If you have a voucher to Top of the Rock, you need to join the other queue, which is significantly shorter, to redeem your voucher for a ticket. After you get a ticket, chances of going to the top immediately is slim. Most likely, you will be assigned with a specific time slot to go up by the lift. In our case, we were told to come back in an hour and half.

What the hell is this? You might ask. This is a picture taken inside the lift to Top Of The Rock. The lift has transparent top so that passengers can see the whole journey from bottom to top. It was late by the time it was our turn to go up.  Inside the lift, it is pitch black. The traveling speed of the lift is extremely fast. Again,  I felt dizzy looking up  on the way up. See what I mean? That’s what tall buildings do to you.

inside lift

A trip from top to the bottom inside the lift is a total new experience. Looking up all the time on the way down is not recommended as  you do feel the power of gravity and the sense of free falling is not that pleasant:).

They say the view of New York City on top of the Empire State Building is magnificent but the the view on Top Of The Rock is even better. Because you can see the Empire State Building on Top Of The Rock. So here it is, the amazing view on top of the Rock.

View from top of the rock rockefeller center

NYC – the city never sleeps

Can you spot the Empire State Building?


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