Why It’s So Easy To Procrastinate And How To Solve The Problem


I’ve been wanting to write something everyday for a while now but never managed to really do it.

Most of the time when I force myself to write something, my mind would go totally blank. So I’d drop it – I’m not good at forcing myself to do anything. It’s a disease – a disease of being lazy and finding excuses not to do anything.

“I’ll write a blog post when I feel like it.”

“I’ll clean up that cupboard before I move out.”

“I’ll excise when the weather is better.”

“I’ll sort out those travel photos as soon as possible and blog about my travel then.”

“I’ll write that book review tomorrow…”

As a result, I had left my blog without any new post for months in the past. The cupboard was a mess and a waste of space. I hardly excise. I did enjoy taking photos while travelling but many of those photos are still there, unsorted. Many books later, I’ve never written any book review, yet.

The truth is, I’ve been reflecting my life and started to take actions to overcome my laziness with great difficulty. Nevertheless, small progress has been made. In the past two years, this blog has never gone one month without a new post. I’ve been tidying up and keeping things in order from time to time (It felt good after the tidying up!). I’m slowly catching up with my travel photos and blog posts ( 5 % up to date so far). But old habits die hard. As a matter of fact, they don’t die. They could disappear for a while then re-emerge. There have still been times when I could go a whole week without updating my blog simply because – well, I don’t feel like it.

The solution to this “I don’t feel like it” problem? – JUST DO IT.

Yes. If something needs to be done, just go ahead and do it without letting my feeling get in the way. I know myself well enough now: my feeling is generally do nothing and wait until…

JUST DO IT. Like this tax return thing. I’m a qualified CPA and I don’t even feel like getting my tax return done any time before the due date. This year it’s been on my to-do-list for a couple of weeks now but always ignored.

But today is the day and I’m doing it.



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