The US Photo Diary: Connecticut Riverside in Autumn


To someone who (lives in Sydney) only gets to see either green or brown coloured leaves all year round, Autumn foliage is a big deal. A tree full of yellow leaves will make me really happy, so you can just imagine how excited I was driving around the United States eastern coast, seeing all these beautiful colours in nature.

Like many other states in the US, Connecticut is amazingly picturesque. There are so many cute huts and little wharves along the riverside that made me want to claim: “That’s my spot!” #Sheldonmoment, but unlike Sheldon in Big Bang Theory, I’m happy to share my spot. Want to come and join me?


connecticut-2 connecticut-3 connecticut-4connecticut-5 connecticut-6 connecticut-7 connecticut-8 connecticut-9 connecticut-10 connecticut-11 connecticut-12 connecticut

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