Rhode Island Photo Diary


That time we went to Rhode Island was quite special with Providence downtown main roads blocked for a pink run, which meant we could take pictures of the Rhode Island State House in the middle of road without worrying about any cars passing by.

rhode-island-4The Providence River was still picturesque and tranquil.
rhode-island-3Among these beautiful autumn colours, quietly stood the first Baptist church in America. Remember those pretty, white pointing church towers in Vermont? Here’s another one, and an old one too.
rhode-island-church rhode-island-5 rhode-island-6rhode-island rhode-island-7

The town of Narragansett, Phode Island at the same time, was celebrating 125 years of township (1888-2013). Those life sized scarecrows along the pier were all dressed up like real people, each had their own names. rhode-island-8 rhode-island-10 rhode-island-11

rhode-island-9rhode-island-towersIt only took me 3 years to revisit those photos from Rhode Island, but what does the cliche say? “It’s better late than never.”

Yeah, I couldn’t agree any more.


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