The Best US Destinations for Nature Lovers


There’s much to love about a trip to the United States. There are the people, who always seem to be doing something wacky. There are the big cities, like New York and San Francisco, where everything seems to be possible. And then, of course, there’s the nature. Though many people tend to focus their trips to the states on the cultural and big city side of the country, it’s the landscape that might be the best feature of America. There’s every type of landscape available! Below, we take a look at some of the best destinations for those people who love nothing more than getting out into the great outdoors.

Boulder, Colorado

Where do you begin when it comes to Colorado? This state seems to have it all, from an awesome atmosphere to splendid outdoor spaces. If you’re going to make a base during your stay, you could do much worse than selecting Boulder. Nearby to Denver, this laid-back city has a great vibe, and, most importantly, more outdoor fun than you can shake a stick at! Take a drive into the Rocky Mountains, and you’ll be treated to many a picturesque view and awesome hiking trail. Then there’s also the matter of Red Rocks, National Monument, and the rest.

The Great Lakes Region

The Great Lakes are often bypassed by holidaymakers, especially those from overseas, but this is a mistake. Less dramatic than the rising mountains of the west, the region more than makes up for it when it comes to tranquil beauty. Up in Michigan, for example, you can spend your days camping at spaces that are endlessly beautiful, and barely see another soul. And of course, you’ll have all those freshwater lakes right there, making it a perfect spot for some summer swimming.


Arizona, much like Colorado, is jam-packed with diverse scenic landscapes. Set up a base at Marriott’s Canyon Villas, and then spend the week exploring in your car. The crown jewel of the state is the incomparable Grand Canyon; you’ll want to spend as much time as possible there. From there, you also have the Antelope Canyon and the Monument Valley. You’ll recognise the latter from countless movies from days gone by. It is a joy to drive through. If you’ve ever dreamed of taking an epic road trip in the United States, then this is one spot you’ll definitely want to include on your list.

The Sunshine State

Nature doesn’t have to be taxing; it can also be relaxing! When it comes to beautiful spaces in which to unwind, then you can’t go wrong with Florida, the sunshine state. You’ll have a range of beaches – some busy, some quiet – and plenty of fascinating state parks to explore, too, should you wish to get more active.


Why not go into the deep end? Alaska is virtually an untouched wilderness. You’ll have to plan this trip a little more, but few who make an effort to do so ever regret their decision. It’s an epic, expansive state that delights at every turn.


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