How To Stay Fit On The Road

As you know from firsthand experience, taking a road trip (no matter whether it’s for business or pleasure purposes) can throw off your fitness routine or exercise regime. And it’s often the case when returned home, you suddenly realize that you’ve gained a couple of extra pounds because of the increased tendency to overindulge and disruption of regular exercise while traveling. Moreover, according to the World Health Organization, lack of exercise not only expands your waistline, but can also lower your energy and concentration levels, though your trip requires you to be active and attentive. So to ensure that your hard work at home doesn’t go by the wayside on the road, here are a few tips on how to keep your waistline and calorie intake in check on the road.

exercise on road

Include workouts in your travel schedule

When you’re going to trip, you try to schedule everything from airline and hotel reservations to rental cars. Of course, you plan every detail in advance to enjoy your trip to the maximum. So why not plan your fitness on the road like you do a meeting or excursion? Make a calendar and put in it necessarily your exercise regime not only to enjoy your travel, but also to stay in shape.

Think about how you’ll exercise before you leave

Most hotels now offer gyms where you can work out while traveling. Find out if there is a gym at the hotel where you`re going to stay at, and fix the gym`s hours in your travel schedule. Don`t forget to clear up what range of equipment offers the gym to plan your workout routine depending on the opportunities available. Of course, you can use your hotel room to do some types of exercises like yoga stretches, sit-ups, etc. By the way, don`t schedule 1 or 2-hour workouts as you do at home, build your own shorter workout routine. Aim for 20 to 30 minute workouts during your trip.

Pack your workout gear

When you travel and want to stay fit, you should definitely pack your workout gear. Don`t forget to take several T-shirts, shorts and a pair of sneakers. If you don’t take them, you won’t be exercising. Keep in mind, that you should take the sneakers that will fit the types of exercise you plan to do. When you’re going to hit the hotel gym, it would be better to pack your CrossFit shoes. But if you pack a jumping rope, buy a good pair of shoes for jumping rope and for your trip.

Plan your nutrition for travel

Don’t forget to eat healthy and drink plenty of water while traveling. Eating healthy on the road means maximizing protein consumption, eating vegetables, limiting liquid calories and never making “two mistakes” in a row. Protein builds muscles and it can be also incredibly filling. You should eat a lot of vegetables as like a protein they’re full of nutrients and contain very few calories. Avoid drinking alcohol and sweet drinks. It would be better to drink water to stay well-hydrated and satisfy hunger. But even if it happens that you allowed yourself any caloric product for one meal, your next meal has to be healthy.

So stay fit on the road can be done. As you see, it’s not so difficult to do. Just stay mindful of your goals, and for best results, use the above tips.

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