How To Spice Up Your Work Wardrobe

We spend a lot of our lives in our work clothing. Whilst some dress codes are fairly restrictive, many smart casual dress codes offer a lot of freedom, and yet many of still choose to stick to the same drab clothes day in and day out. Spicing up your work wardrobe could help bring more excitement to your morning routine and could make you feel happier and more confident throughout the day. Here are just a few small ways that you can make your work outfit more exciting.

Try bold colours

There’s no need to settle for blacks, greys and beige. Many bright colours can still be made formal. Colour psychology could even help you to be better at your job – sky blue is often associate with good communication, whilst red is a colour of passion and power. Try opting for brightly coloured blouses and dresses. These can be a great statement piece. If you’re not brave enough to do this, you could simply try bold coloured shoes and a bag. It’s best to not be too matchy-matchy as this could give off a cartoonish vibe that ruins your professionalism (i.e. don’t opt for a yellow blouse, trousers and shoes).

Wear a watch

A watch is a great accessory that makes you appear more organised to clients. There are lots of trendy watches out there too choose from that don’t cost a lot. You could have a few watches to swap and change between or you could swap the strap every so often to vary things up. If you’re looking for a designer watch, you may be able to save money by shopping second hand.


Scarf out

Scarves are also great accessories that can help to make a bland outfit more exciting. There are lots of ways to wear a scarf to add some variation – you can add a French knot, turn it into a shawl and even use them as a headband. Experiments with different colours, textures and patterns.

Embrace bling

For a touch of sophistication, why not add some jewellery? Whilst you don’t want to go too blingy, it’s worth having a statement piece. This could be a big necklace or large earrings. Large bangles may get in the way whilst typing or clang distractingly so it may be worth keeping these subtle. Some workplaces may also have rules in place against facial jewellery such as nose rings (some workplaces may disallow jewellery altogether due to health and safety reasons if food is being handled or machinery is being used). Stay classy and project a sense of professionalism.

Give prints a go

Many prints can be incorporated into workplace attire. Floral designs are great for adding some energy and are generally classy. There’s also a recent trend for tartan print clothing. This can be made tasteful when incorporated into a single piece of clothing such as a scarf or a skirt. Stripes can also work well providing they’re not too big and bold, whilst chequered clothing may also work in some more laid-back work environments. As a rule, steer clear of leopard and animal prints however – you may be able to get away with the odd flourish, but too much could feel tacky.

Be seasonal

Keeping your clothing changing with the seasons can keep it feeling fresh. Much of this can be done through the colours you choose. Greens and browns work well in the autumn, whilst whites and pinks and blues can make you stand out in winter. You may be able to find patterns that reflect certain seasons such as blossom in spring and leafy patterns in the autumn. When it comes to footwear, this can also be made seasonal. The winter is a great time for taking out those thick and furry boots and finding new ways to match clothes with them. In summer meanwhile you can consider dolly shoes and gladiator sandals. Remember to keep these shoes within the formality of the workplace – many workplaces have strict rules when it comes to footwear.

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