Autumn In The Country

How beautiful can Autumn be? And how good is the country life?

Though there’s no Autumn foliage in Sydney, every year we’d drive a few hours out of the city just to enjoy the extra fresh air, the endless country charm and breathtaking Autumn colours.
in the garden-2 in the garden-3 in the garden-4 in the garden-5 in the garden-6 in the garden-7 in the garden-8 in the garden-9 in the garden-10in the garden

I sat on the grass staring up at the bright yellow leaves and pure blue sky, feeling my heart bursting with joy. Oh how I love these Autumn colours. Could the sky be any bluer? Could this magical moment last longer? It was just perfect.

That blue sky is unreal. Oh how I love these Autumn colors?? #bluesky #daytrip #autumn

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