The Seafood Spectacular 2016


As a seafood fanatic, I’m delighted to be invited to the Seafood Spectacular again this year.

The Seafood Spectacular is organised by Pyrmont Ultimo Chamber of Commerce offering great creative seafood canapés by 11 local Sydney TAFE apprentice chefs to enhance the 2016 ‘Where the Locals Go’ Guide by the Pyrmont Chamber of Commerce.

I love the venue where The Seafood Spectacular has been always held – the prestigious Sydney Seafood School at the Sydney Fish Market. Love the spacious cooking stations and the chalkboard walls full of pictures of different fishes, recipes and seafood preparing tips.

This year’s seafood canapés were superbly delightful, even exceeding my expectations. I’m glad I had my extra light Fuji camera and a borrowed Fuji 23mm f/2.0Lens with me to capture a few of my favourite dishes in very low light condition while keeping my mouth full.

the-pucc-seafood-spectacular-2016-2 the-pucc-seafood-spectacular-2016-3 the-pucc-seafood-spectacular-2016-4 the-pucc-seafood-spectacular-2016-5 the-pucc-seafood-spectacular-2016-6 the-pucc-seafood-spectacular-2016-7 the-pucc-seafood-spectacular-2016-8 the-pucc-seafood-spectacular-2016-9 the-pucc-seafood-spectacular-2016-10 the-pucc-seafood-spectacular-2016-11 the-pucc-seafood-spectacular-2016-12 the-pucc-seafood-spectacular-2016-13 the-pucc-seafood-spectacular-2016-14 the-pucc-seafood-spectacular-2016-15 the-pucc-seafood-spectacular-2016-16 the-pucc-seafood-spectacular-2016

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