A Quick Trip To Blue Mountains

If you love site seeing and live in Sydney, you’ll be running out of options very quickly in terms of interesting/exciting sites to see. It is such not a positive note to start with but it is what it is. There’s an Opera House and a Harbour Bridge and lots of beautiful beaches packed with people when weather is warm. Within a couple of hour’s drive, there are blue mountains, central coast and south coast. That’s it.

Out of boredom, I went to blue mountains again one weekend not long ago. It is still very beautiful and very touristy. Almost everyone visiting speaks one kind of foreign language.

A short walk along one of those walking tracks and sitting on the rocks in the sun did wonders for my spirit – I felt happy and alive. Maybe that’s exactly what I need right now: going out for a walk.

short ship to blue mountains-3 short ship to blue mountains-4 short ship to blue mountains-5 short ship to blue mountains-2 short ship to blue mountains

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