7 Tips to Grow Stronger Nails

Growing strong and beautiful nails is really not that hard. If you don’t like how they look at the moment, simply change your nail care habits and replace them with the healthier ones below. You will be surprised to know that some popular treatments and practices are actually harmful for your nails! So draw a new beauty plan and welcome stronger nails with the following tips.

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1. Leave your cuticles alone.

While the idea may not go well with your manicurist, it is essential to keep your cuticles. They serve a protective function for nails, creating a natural barrier against fungus and bacteria. Without them, infection can easily spread onto your nail beds and cause permanent nail damage. So stop cutting the cuticles or pushing them back! Instead, keep them healthy, moisturized, and looking great with nourishing cuticle oils.

2. Rethink nail hardeners.

You want nail strengtheners, like Innisfree‘s Nail Strengthener, not nail hardeners. Unless your nails are especially fragile, nail hardeners tend to do more harm than good. Healthy nails are flexible nails, not hard. If your nails are hard, they are likely to become more brittle and easily breakable.

3. Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize.

Do not just stop at moisturizing your cuticles – spread the love to your entire nail bed! Not only will this enhance the appearance of your nails, this practice will also allow them to grow much stronger. Dryness leads to breakage, and a little splash of nourishing oil can help a lot to stop the chipping, cracking, and splitting.

4. Do at-home nail treatments.

Yes, it is easier to pay a visit to your favorite nail salon, but studies show that those who regularly get professional manicures and pedicures are most likely to have dry, brittle nails and have chronic nail bed infections. This is because of the frequent chemical exposure, plus the tools that are used on your nails. Give your nails a break on certain occasions and have an at-home nail treatment. Hydrate and moisturize them using natural products and ingredients like lemon juice, baking soda, and olive oil.

5. Skip acetone-based polish removers.

Remove this item from your nail care beauty bag. It only makes your nails more brittle by stripping them dry. It’s even better if you choose to stop using any product that is laden with harsh chemicals. The most common offenders are gel polishes, acrylic nail glue, acetone soaks, and acetone nail polish remover. These are packed with chemical irritants that damage the nails and cause brittleness, dryness, and thinning. Be more selective about the items you place on your nails and opt for non-toxic and acetone-free products for better results.

6. Eat well.

This list will not be complete without mentioning a proper diet. Strong nails begin from the inside. Eat food high in antioxidants to protect your cells from free radical damage. Boost nail strength with iron that comes from leafy greens. If you want smoother vertical ridges, load up on food high in magnesium like almonds. There is nothing like good food to bring out the best in your nails.

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