Oh captain, my captain

It’s been a whole day & night. I’m still deeply affected.

Carpe Diem… he reminded us to seize the day. But it’s easier said than done. He took his own life, at the age of 63.

Robin Williams is no longer alive and it’s too hard to believe.

Never a fan of his comedian roles; never  thought his fake laughs and exaggerated facial expression were the true reflection of him. But two of his movies are my all time favorite:

Dead Poets Society

Goodwill Hunting.

He was unique, strong and able to see beyond mediocre people could see in these movies. But movies are just fantasies:(

Nobody can be that strong and smart at all times…

I kept thinking about the movie Dead Poets Society and I wanted to cry.

The reality is even harsher.

Life is a gift. Life is a beast. Life can be a struggle for everyone.

Farewell Robin. You had enough and it’s time for you to rest in peace.

Today is another another day –

Keep beating on:

“Seize the day, boys… Make your lives extraordinary…”



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