A Year in Review & Goals of 2015

Sydney harbour bridge

Got to admit I’m the king of being spontaneous and a pawn of being persistent. My head is full of ideas of new projects but I never had the patience to follow any of them through. The bad news is I didn’t recognise this weakness of mine any earlier in my life but the good news is I’ve finally recognised it and decided to make an effort to grow better. Never say too late hey.

Looking back, 2014 has been a year of learning -learning new skills and learning more about myself. While carrying on learning, my theme of the year of 2015 is communication. In order to be better at communication, I must learn to be:

1.Focused. Don’t be distracted by other chores that come along the way once I start a new task.

2.Persistent. Know the value of persistence. Take continuous effort to be a better communicator. Don’t be discouraged by obstacles. Don’t ever quit.

3. Less emotional. I happen to be a very emotional person. So it’s very important to be aware of this and don’t let my emotion take me over. Be less emotional and more effective.

Aside from all the serious stuff, it’s time to prepare for tonight’s NYE party:) We’ll watch Sydney NYE fireworks at this very spot & celebrity! I hope everyone party hard, be safe and have a successful 2015!

Sydney harbour bridge


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